Hi guys!

I get the following error when I try to run cron:
Fatal error: Call to a member function leftJoin() on a non-object in */sites/all/modules/l10n_update/l10n_update.check.inc on line 115


#5 l10n_update.check_.patch1.6 KBrobertgarrigos


I confirm this bug.

I confirm this bug, too... Please, fix it:)

Exactly on the same line for me :)

I solved it like this (just changing the methods chaining):

$q = db_select('l10n_update_project', 'p');
$q->innerJoin('languages', 'l');
$q->leftJoin('l10n_update_file', 'f', 'p.name = f.project AND l.language = f.language');
$q->condition('p.status', 1);
$q->condition('l.enabled', 1);
// If the file is not there, or it is there, but we did not check since $before.
$q->condition(db_or()->isNull('f.status')->condition(db_and()->condition('f.status', 1)->condition('f.last_checked', $be
$q->range(0, $count);
$q->fields('p', array('name'));
$q->addField('l', 'language', 'lang');
$result = $q->execute();

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This fixed the problem. Here is a patch to review.

How exactly does one (php layman) apply this patch? Does one paste it somewhere (where, line?) in that file? Exactly which elements of the patch are "pasted" ... ?
Tried to gamble doing that but could not get it right. ;)

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The patch #5 worked for me.


When will create a new dev Version the last for the Drupal 7 is from 2010-Dec-09!!


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this bug is critical, since break core functionalities like cron and other things...

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Great, committed, thanks.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.