Advanced blog is designed to expand on the features provided by the core blog module. It also acts as a replacement for the following modules:

Advanced Blog integrates and expands on the features of the above modules in order to provide better navigation of site blogs, allow more options for community blogs, and display blogs in a unique fashion.


  • Provides customizable block to display site bloggers.
  • Allows users to give their blog a title and description.
  • Creates a page of site bloggers that includes author and blog information.
  • Enables advanced blog navigation by author, post date, etc.
  • Integrates with Token module, allowing usage of blog title and / or description in fields that work with tokens.


Requires the Drupal core blog module, and PHP5.


It's been some time since I've had the resources to do development here. Like svendecabooter, this project originally fell in line with sites that I was working on at the time. Unfortunately, I've moved on from those projects and have yet to have the need for this functionality.

It should be noted that similar results can be achieved using and Using Views and Content Profile has proven to be a more stable route as well as a more flexible one. Therefore, unless someone wishes to take up the flag and continue development, I suggest that efforts not be spent on a D7 port.


Initial funding for this project provided by Emergent Behavior for

Also, thanks to the maintainers and contributors of past blog modules.

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