This is a simple module that provides Drupal page elements as blocks for use with Adaptivetheme on Drupal 8.

Included Blocks

  • Branding block - choose which items to display per block instance:
    • Logo
    • Site name
    • Slogan
  • Page title block
  • Messages block
  • Local tasks (tabs) block
  • Menu Actions block


Just enable the module as per normal and configure blocks as per normal. For the Page title block I suggest limiting the visibility by path to everything but:


This is because Adaptivetheme on D8 uses the actual node template title even on full node view, so we hide the page title block when viewing nodes.

Help with Drupal core block conversions!

The code follows as closely as possible the core patches for site and page elements (this module does not include the conversion of main and secondary menus to blocks).

Please help in the core issues, we need patch testers and discussion on how some of these things might work:

#507488: Convert page elements (title, tabs, actions, messages) into blocks
#1053648: Convert site elements (site name, slogan, site logo) into blocks

The module also includes some template suggestions that may or may not be moved to Adaptivetheme after the core patches are committed, we just have to see how this pans out.

To use the template suggestions copy them to your sub-theme and clear the cache. Note that the Actions block can output nothing but Drupal still outputs "nothing" so can trigger the wrong layout classes to be loaded, there are efforts to fix this critical bug in Drupal 8 core: #953034: Themes improperly check renderable arrays when determining visibility

Also: #1869476: Convert global menus (primary links, secondary links) into blocks (this module does not provide these blocks, but please help if you can).

Project Information