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Set global caching for blocks as "Per page".
It is possible to choose which blocks you do not want to be affected, keeping the original cache settings.
If you wish to use refined settings for block cache, please use the Block Cache Alter module.

Compatible with:

Context version 7.x-3.0-beta7 or higher


Put the modules into your sites/modules folder and enable it.


  • Visit /admin/structure/block/mass-cache or via menu: Structure > Blocks > Mass Cache settings
  • Make sure that "Cache Blocks" is enabled on Configuration > Development > Performance
  • Tick the option to enable it and select the blocks you DO NOT want to apply mass caching.
  • Flush blocks cache

Similar modules:

Block Cache Alter


See the README.txt file in the module for instructions.

Other notes

IMPORTANT: In Drupal, blocks are not cached if you are logged in as admin (user id 1), so make sure you test blocks caching with an user different than user 1 or as anonymous.

This module has been sponsored by Dennis Publishing.

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