D7 Version

The Comment Registration module enables the inline registration of new accounts while commenting.

About the D7 version

Works a little differently than the d6 version:

  1. enabled per content type in the content type comment settings fieldset
  2. requires anonymous commenting set to either "Anonymous posters may enter their contact information" or "Anonymous posters must enter their contact information" (doesn't work with "Anonymous posters may not enter their contact information").
  3. New: now handles required user fields and allows other modules to alter the registration form.

About the D6.x-2.x version

A complete rewrite which amounts to a backport of the d7 version.

About the D6.x-1.x version


There is nothing to configure. Once the module is enabled, a checkbox, as well as
the necessary fields (which fields show up will depend on the anonymous commenting
contact information option), will appear on the comment form that enable users to
register inline during comment creation.

Important Note
The module will do *NOTHING* if "Only site administrators can create new user accounts."
is the selected user registration option at admin/user/settings. Users must be able to
register in order for them to be able to register while commenting.

Before creating an issue in the module's issue queue, please verify that you've enabled
user registrations at admin/user/settings.

Project Information