This module allows you to give a "moderate nodes" permission to a user role. Users with this permission may see a list of content (restricted using the node access table via db_rewrite_sql so they cannot see content they are normally prohibited) at /admin/content_moderator. Within this list they can either approve posts to move them out of moderation, or put them into moderation to remove them from public view (important note: only some modules, including book and poll, check the moderation status before displaying content).

Also, uses hook_nodeapi to prevent nodes from going back into moderation (if that's their default setting) when edited by a user with this permission.

A block is made available to show the most recent ten posts in the moderation queue.

note- this module will probably not be updated for 5.x and beyond. Look at the modr8 module for node moderation functionality for 5.x. and 6.x.

This module is intended to be useful for a site like which has a handbook where all users can add book pages, but those pages go into the moderation queue. This modules allows the work of reviewing and approving those posts to be delegated to additional users without giving out the all-powerful "administer nodes" permission.

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