Custom reports is a module for times when your client needs to export data from their Drupal site.
This module is aimed at developers.

If the data they need is a simple query your probably better off using the excelent Views module along with very helpful Views bonus pack.

However if you need to :

  • Report from tables that are not yet accessible to views (and don't want to use the Table Wizard module)
  • or

  • Create complex SQL that you just cant do in views

Then this module might be able to help.

How it works :

  • Custom reports uses an exsisting content type (or creates one for you)
  • You create a new custom report node, give it a title and paste your pre-written SQL into the body
  • You give the client user the correct permissions to view the report
  • They visit the report page, click on one of the export tabs (currently CSV and XLS, but its easy to extend) - they are then prompted to open or download the report

In the case of CSV the module will replace any " marks with ' marks, XLS does not have this problem.

Developed by OpenlyConnected

- Drupal 5 release sponsored by Raw Nerve

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