Part of the Debut features set, Debut Comment provides some of the most commonly needed functionality for handling user comments.

Like all Debut features, Debut Comment can be integrated either as a stand-alone feature to quickly add comment-related functionality to any Drupal site or as part of a Drupal distribution. Debut Comment is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits.


You have three options for installing Debut Comment:

  • Install Apps and the Debut Apps connector module and install Debut Comment as an app. The apps system utilized by Debut Apps uses the same installation mechanism as the Update module in core. Apps will download all the required modules, making it an easy way to install Debut Comment.
  • Debut Comment is used in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits, so you can install it as part of Open Outreach.
  • Install manually along with the dependencies listed below.


  • Comment notification using the Comment Notify module.
  • CAPTCHAs on comment forms for spam prevention using the Captcha module.
  • Login enhancements using Logintoboggan.
  • User permissions.


Debut Comment includes a .make file that can be used with Drush Make to build a site with Debut Comment and all its dependencies. To build a site with the current development version of Debut Comment, include the following line in your .make file:

includes[debut_comment] = ""

Initial development sponsored by Chocolate Lily.

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