I've drifted out of Drupal development and i would be glad if someone would be able to adopt this orphan module.

This modules adds a CCK type which defines a dropdown with a dependant value list upon the value of a different cck field
I.e. (the real need for whiah this module was created)
Two dropdowns
1. Measurement system
2. sizes
It is clear that dropdown 2 should be depenedant on the value of dropdown 1

- Unlike the activeselect module here all the values are configured ahead. There is no requerying the server for the values

Dev info (The PHP side is fairly simple and if something is not clear - it's not sphisticated, it's clumsy. I'm a novice there)
1. Two forms are dealt in the module -
First the setting of the additional info for the widget: Which is the influencing field, what are the filters
Second the node form to where i pass to the Javascript side the array of the options and the filters. (i avoided the JSON functions, simply because they didn't work for me for some reason)

2. The javascript side:
I create a backup node with all values, and each change i comeback to the clean one and filter according to the filter value

Project Information