disclaimer sample

This module set up a lightbox disclaimer using Thickbox module or NyroModal jQuery plugin or or jqModal jQuery plugin (Drupal 6.x version) with a simple "Enter" / "Exit" action for visitors. So it use javascript and cookie.

NyroModal and jQmodal tested on Firefox 3+, Ie8+, Safari 4+, Chrome 2+, Opera 9+

The disclaimer is fully configurable and theme can be pass through a specific no-sidebar tpl.php files.


  • You can set-up disclaimer content and footer.
  • Define Enter/Exit url and style
  • Disclaimer bypass access by role
  • You can set-up disclaimer visibility by pages (like block visibility except php validation).
  • You can add an age verification form
  • Drupal 6: thickbox, jQmodal or NyroModal
  • Drupal 7: Colorbox

Drupal 7.x

Dev release support Colorbox for an easy setup. I'm waiting some feedback to release an official 7 release.

Installation Drupal 6.x

Disclaimer need:

See INSTALL.txt to set-up disclaimer, and follow every step !

Fell free to report issue.

See other module with other type of option and function to set-up a disclaimer :


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