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Drupal 7 ELMS = ELMSLN

ELMS is an educational distribution of drupal geared towards augmenting and / or replacing functions of a traditional LMS. The Drupal 6 version (legacy) can be found here while the Drupal 7 and beyond package can be found on the Drupal project page for ELMSLN.

Download the ELMS Style Library today or fork it on github!

Read more about this setup in Getting out of the LMS

They also have updated / improved versions of essentially every aspect of the ELMS Drupal 6 distribution, just implemented in different ways. Check some of them out:

ELMS Learning Network Distributions

The following distributions use a helper module called CIS Connector to help bridge communications by treating all courses as RESTful web services. These are distributions being developer to form the learning network.

Read more about this setup in Getting out of the LMS
Watch the rebroadcast of Using Drupal to Transform Education

Join the community!

We are actively looking to build a community around ELMS or ELMSLN. Please feel free to contact if you are interested in contributing to ELMS or any of the work used to create the project.

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