HTML5 Video with Flash fallback currently using the videojs library. Supports file uploads as well as external files specified by url.

Videoplayer may be overridden using theme overrides.

The module doesn't depend on any other module. It defines its own node type and works right out of the box.

Api functions

htmlvideo_get_light_node($nid) - Get light_node object for use with htmlvideo_display

htmlvideo_display($light_node, $attributes = array()) - get html for displaying a video node.
$attributes is an array that takes the following parameters:
- class (string with classes separated by whitespace)
- controls (true by default, may be set to false)
- autoload (true by default, may be set to false)
- width (in pixels)
- height (in pixels)

Not working in ff and/or ie9?

This probably doesn't have anything to do with this module. Your server might be serving the files without the correct mime-types. The browser needs to know what mime-types your files are. I use nginx, and added the following lines to /etc/ngingx/nginx.conf:

video/ogg ogm ogv ogg;
video/mp4 mp4;

It is possible to do something similar for Apache in config files or in .htaccess files.


Sponsor: Norwegian Digital Learning Arena.
Current default player: VideoJs by Zencoder, Inc.
Code: The well written Image module has been used as a starting point for this module.

Project Information