Meez Integration

This module provides integration with the Meez avatar/profile site. Meez is a system for creating a centralized avatar that you can use on multiple sites. Visit for more details.

This module uses a profile field to hold the Meez username for the user. By default the module uses profile_meez for the name of the profile field but you can change that on the settings page.

The module does not actually load the Meez avatar files onto your server. Instead it stores the URL of the files on the Meez server. This way any updates to the avatar happen as soon as they are published on Meez.

By default the module loads the URLs for all of the available avatars. You can configure it to only load a subset of the avatars for example if you only need a headshot and not the full body nor animation Meez.

Version Status:
The module has been upgraded for Drupal6.x though not tested extensively. Your help testing is greatly appreciated.


This module was contributed by Greg Knaddison (greggles) sponsored by, and drawing from code elements initially developed by

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