What is navigation timing

Navigation timing is a W3C candidate recommendation implemented by browsers to expose timings about the lifespan of a webpage.

Drupal integration

This module will get data from the navigation timing API exposed by most browsers and will log this information along with a few Drupal values like the current user, the current drupal path, CSS and JS files on the page and a few other things.

Why use navigation timing

The main use-case for this module is to help you identify what takes the longest to load on a particular page.

Is the page slow because your HTML is too complex? because the CSS is too big, not optimized? or is it because you have a lot of javascript? Navigation timing will provide you with raw data that will help you figure this out. Currently there is no user-friendly UI, see at the end.

Supported browsers

There is a limited set of browsers exposing navigation timing data:

  • IE9 and later,
  • Firefox – on mobile as well,
  • Recent webkit-based browsers, excluding Safari.

Opera is planning to implement navigation timing in the future.

See caniuse.com/nav-timing for a complete list.

-dev version

The module is still in dev and does not have any UI for reporting. While a basic views integration is provided, to properly analyze your data you need to be able to write SQL queries.

This module should be production worthy. It has not been tested on a real site yet.

Project Information