Group audience field on the "New Forum" form

Seeking new maintainer :

I'm currently looking for someone wanting to take over OG Forum D7.
I'm working on an alternative to OG (Groups, Communities and Co (GCC)) and it takes all my free time.
I hope the current version of OG Forum D7 will be used as a starter kit by a new maintainer to create a perfect integration between OG and Forum.

Description :

This module allow to make some forum and their topics owned by an Organic group, just like any other group content.
It is a new version of the old and deprecated OG Forum, only for D7 as it use the all new APIs and Fields added in Organic Group D7.

How it works :

This is simply done by adding a group audience field to the forum's taxonomy terms and topics and by automating some task (like selecting the same group audience for a topic than its parent forum)

Future :

Currently, there is no forum administration inside the groups. The Organic group forums are managed just like any other forums.
In the futur, i planned to create an internal forum administration for each Organic group and to add some privileges to administer the forum inside an organic group.

Notes about the futur devs :

I'm currently having a lot of work. The development of the future features is really slowed down until i finish my internship. I will restart adding new features at the end of my internship. If i receive a lot of requests for a feature, i will try to add it as soon as i can.

Notes :

OG Forum D7 7.x-1.x is only compatible with OG 7.x-1.x.
A new version is now available for OG 7.x-2.x.
See #1599372: Incompatibility with OG 7.x-2.x for informations on the 2.x version.

Please use the 1.x branch with OG 1.x and the 2.x branch with OG 2.x.

Project Information