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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Didactic spot

This is a test project for Drupal.org packaging.



An upcoming product for the Restaurant Distribution.

Drupal Restaurant




Pastebin is a Drupal distribution that provides you with a pastebin site out-of-the-box.



Ecommify is a Drupal theme and distribution, powered by Drupal Commerce. It was created with a mind toward apparel shops, but can work great for other things as well. It's a great way to jumpstart your ecommerce site. Some of the features:

  • Clean, Spirited Design
  • Featured Products Carousel
  • Home Page Slider
  • Unique Promotion Areas on Catalog Pages
  • News/Blog Functionality
  • All the Features of the Most Advanced and Flexibile Ecommerce System on the Planet - Drupal Commerce.



Help project overview

Connect people who need help with people who can give help.

On May 20, 2013, a tornado devastated Moore, Oklahoma. The next day volunteers at Drupalcon Portland reached out to FEMA to find out how we could help. Within 24 hours 100 volunteers contributed to the Drupal for Oklahoma, #Drupal4OK, effort and launched Help4OK.org. The site connects people who need housing with people who can offer housing and people who need a ride with people who can offer rides. In the week after the tornado, people in the affected area have requested similar new features:

  • Project cleanup assistance: Connect people who need help with cleanup with volunteers who are able to help.
  • Equipment availability: Connect those people who need cleanup equipment (bobcat, backhoe, etc.) with people who have special equipment that could be borrowed or rented.

Right now there are two parallel works in progress on this project:

#1 Help - Using help4ok.org as a proof-of-concept, incorporating feedback we've received from users and disaster response experts, we're working to make a Drupal distributionthat makes it fast and easy to set up and extend sites like help4ok.org.

#2 www.help4ok.org - This website is still actively in use supporting survivors and volunteers in the aftermath of the tornado in Moore, OK.



How to get a little sprout of your own:

1. Create a stub make file in your web server's root directory.

api = 2
core = 7.x 
projects[] = "drupal"
projects[sprout][type] = profile
projects[sprout][download][type] = "git"
projects[sprout][download][url] = "http://git.drupal.org/project/sprout.git"

2. Run the drush make command on the stub file. eg. drush make stub.make
3. Run the Drupal installer and select Sprout as the installation profile.



Coming soon, a simple Bot.module distribution.



From Wikipedia:

Il rio è un elemento essenziale della viabilità acquea della città di Venezia.
The rio is an essential element of the water traffic of the city of Venice.

An installation profile aiming to provide a general-purpose starting point including most of the basic features and configurations commonly needed by small/medium size corporate sites.

Main features provided:


ELMS: Learning Analytics Repository

ELMS: Learning Analytics Repository (LAR) is a distribution meant to act as the analytics backend for systems hooking into the ELMS Learning Network. This will use a methodology very similar to TinCan API in which activity is reported from locations separate from where it is actually captured, which is still different from the Learning management system. More details will emerge as this is in active development at this time.


Shared Content Demo

This distribution provides a quick demonstration of the Shared Content project, which allows content creators to automatically deploy content between multiple sites with the click of a checkbox.

It is intended as a starter distribution which can be used to kick off implementation of a site that uses this content deployment system.



HyperDrupal is a distribution providing the basis for building a REST API server using Drupal 8. It derives its name from the use of hypermedia API responses, allowing REST API clients to traverse the API in much the same way a human traverses a web page.

The promise of a mature REST implementation is the API equivalent of a wiki walk, and Drupal 8 is poised to be the perfect framework for realizing this potential. Thanks to Web Services and Context in Core Initiative spearheaded by Larry Garfield, we now have a core REST module with an optional HAL module that allows us to format responses in one of the leading generic hypermedia types available (see the specification). We have also included Guzzle to serve as our HTTP client for consuming remote web services.

This distribution will be a sandbox of sorts for proving the use case of Drupal 8 as a REST API server and contributing to the development of tools that extend the functionality of core as both a server and client.

What does it do?



PalVN is a Drupal distribution for building Drupal based Q&A platforms.



Drupal install profile with modules for creating graphs and charts with the help of Charts and Graphs API . Also comes with search API graphing modules (when we are done).

Implemented Libraries

Charts Graphs supports rendering graphs by different libraries.



The goal of OpenLocal is a distribution that provides key software elements needed by a local community. Initially the focus is on food schemes such as CSA vegboxes and foodhubs.



Starfish is a Drupal distribution that allows you to set the operating site in minimal time. All necessary modules are included in the installation and set up. Just when you install will be offered to the localization of the Russian language from the server drupalize.ru. Third-party libraries are automatically included in the distribution.




Placeholder for what will become the princess D8 distro.


Media Drive



Meedjum Blog

This distribution sets up a simple blog with the Meedjum theme. It basically just creates the Article content type, the listing view, and a couple settings, so you have yourself a simple, beautiful working blog out of the box.

Check out http://mikecr.it for a working example.

Distribution production automated by Profiler Builder.


CRM Core Petition Demo

This is an install profile for CRM Core Petition



Drusha is a Drupal distribution for building sharing platforms.


Open Law

A billing system designed to help chambers/lawyers to manage business process like employees attestations, customer invoices and s.o.


THIS DISTRIBUTION IS IN THE VERY EARLY STAGES OF ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, IT COULD CHANGE SIGNIFICANTLY IN THE FUTURE. Please do use it in your development projects and contribute issues, patches and development as you find needed. We wouldn't recommend using it in production just yet, unless you really know what you're doing.

Ready to GO

"Ready to GO" distribution have an idea to provide you with a great Drupal distribution, containing all necessary modules for you to easily start using Drupal with all the power it has!
Currently it is only an installation profile but the module is under active development to become a real Drupal "Ready to GO" distribution.
Currently it can be used for a starting point for site builders.

Current features:

SEO - Providing all SEO modules technically required for a great distribution.


Slovak Drupal Installation Profile

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Nainštalujte Drupal po slovensky ľahko a rýchlo.


Slovenský Drupal inštalačný profil slúži na rýchlejšie a ľahšie nainštalovanie Drupalu v Slovenskom jazyku. Inštaluje rovnaké moduly, ako štandardná inštalácia v základnej inštalácii Drupalu s ďalšími dvoma modulmi, ktoré slúžia na import a používanie prekladu.