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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Hyperlocal News

This is a news distribution aimed at "hyper-local news" though it works well for nearly any news where location is important. The profile creates new content types, vocabularies (taxonomy), and configures many common modules for you. It also creates an unpublished page as the first piece of content that walks you through the process of how to setup your site and lets you configure things as you see fit.

The initial profile is based on a year's worth of part-time efforts on BakerNow.com a site about a specific neighborhood in Denver.

You need the hyper-local news install profile if:

  1. You want to create a directory of organizations, businesses, or other locations
  2. You want to post events, photos, and articles that relate to those locations
  3. You want to see how to get those gmap and location and views modules to actually work together

Known critical problems

Due to these issues you will need to do manual workarounds.


Spanish Minimal Installation Profile

This is a Spanish profile with minimal modules requiered for Drupal installation.

This installation profile has as main objective to easy the installation of Drupal for newbies, promoting its usage.

The installation profile:

  • Predefines Spanish as default language for the site.
  • Configures transliteration options for pathauto.
  • Allow to set a new set of default values for installation forms.
  • Changes date and time formats.


Attiks demo profile

This is a distribution to demonstrate the following modules:


Personal Photo Share

Video showing how to use this
Personal photo share is a simple site for managing access to submitted photos among a small group of people. It's intended to be used to create an easy way for people to submit photos (either through the site or via email) and have updates to the photo share emailed to all people that are members. This was created as an easy way for me to share photos of my kids with our relatives.


CRM Core Volunteer Demo

This is an install profile for CRM Core Volunteer


B2B store solution

Attention! This distribution under strong re-factoring now due to incorrect initial architecture of the project. We will try to make a new stable release of this year :-)

The Goal of the Project

The main goal to provide out of the box Internet store solution.
We will try to do the install profile so that after installing Drupal user will have ready to go online-shop.

The second goal to get some good tool in business to business cooperation.
In this profile there is build in dealer user role with some discount.


This is an installation profile that allows you to get your own online shop based on Drupal Commerce. Now it has a base functionality of the shop, additional user role "diller" which has a discount when user is logged in.
As a main theme we use blackpiano. Rubik was selected as administration theme.
For more convenience of admin navigation we include administration menu in this profile. Also it has some default content to better understand features of this profile.



OpenBrewery is a minimalist Drupal 7 distribution that provides the basics for building a site for a brewery or brewpub. It includes most things you need to start building a website, it does not include a theme, but chances are it will in the near future. Features include markdown support, age verification, staff profiles, beer content types, and other cool things.


Panopoly Base Distribution Starter Kit


Note: 27 Dec 2013 - this starter kit is not ready for use. A full project has been made simply to allow the build make files to work properly. We should have a development release ready soon.


The Panopoly Distribution can serve as a base distribution for other distributions similar to how a base theme operates. The latest version of Open Atrium serves as an excellent example of this.


Pushtape Music


What is Pushtape?

Build better music websites with Pushtape - a Drupal distribution for musicians. This distribution provides a discography framework, show listings, photo gallery, and a news blog, all wrapped up in a responsive mobile friendly theme. It is built to work out of the box as a single band website, but provides a leg up in building any type of music site.


Where do I start?

The distribution is built using the drupal.org packaging system. All you have to do is download the most recent release from this page and it will include all necessary files, modules, and libraries. Unzip and install as you would Drupal core.


This distribution is an end-user facing distribution. The goal is for a musician to be able to download a complete tarball and unzip it on their (most likely shared) hosting server. This means simplifying the user interface, as well as keeping the distribution as lean as possible so that it can run well even on shared hosting. That being said, it can serve as an excellent starting place for site builders who are building music websites, giving them a leg up by providing discography workflow and functionality out of the box.



Community Directory

This distribution is designed to present a directory of communities, local centers, and national or regional facilities.

It was originally designed for Baha'i communities, but it may be useful for other organizations as well.



Converge is an install profile and suite of modules that aims to be a fully featured conference management system, initially aimed at non-profit education organisations.

Currently, it is a fork of a fork of COD, based on the Drupal Association's DrupalCon sandbox as at http://drupal.org/sandbox/twardnw/1706942

This project will not necessarily ever get a stable release.



PSU Drupal user group

Nittany is a distribution maintained by the Penn State Drupal community, primarily designed to be a "starting point" for building sites as well as a series of supportable best practices for Drupal. By bundling a list of commonly-used and recommended modules, Nittany is intended to lessen the burden on new developers and site builders, by being a response to the question: "I installed Drupal, now what?". If you are building a new Drupal site, or are new to Drupal, you should try starting with Nittany.



ADS is a Drupal distribution for building Drupal based advertisement platforms.
Only local images are allowed.



Openfed logo

OpenFed is a general-purpose, multilingual Drupal 7 distribution.

It is developed by/for the Belgian Federal Public Service for ICT (Fedict) as part of the Fast2Web offering.


ELMS Media

zMedia management in multiple formats

ELMS Media is the Asset management solution created for use with ELMS by the e-Learning Institute at Penn State. ELMS Media can be applicable to serving media assets to any website (drupal and non-drupal) but takes into account certain criteria that educational institutions must take into account when storing and serving media.


  • Copyright Storage and management
  • Embed code system to reduce headaches of learning object / img / html code
  • Powerful Image template system for creating standard image handling templates
  • Integrated JWPlayer for video and audio serving
  • Optional support for RTMP media streamers like wowza, red5 and FMS
  • Module to help integrate other drupal sites with an ELMS Media system
  • Transcription / Captioning support for video/audio
  • Support for FLV, MP4, MP3, MOV, JPG, PNG, and all major document types


ELMS: Massively Open Online Course

Manage course instructional flow

ELMS: Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course who's content is intended to be open to the world. This is a distribution that gives you the tools to turn Drupal into an out of the box MOOC-builder.

One major issue with most MOOC services today is that there is no access to the underlying source code. This continues to perpetuate the formulation of knowledge production silos instead of opening up high quality tools to the masses to reduce barriers to publishing and instruction.


Patterns Installation Profile

This installation profile provides a simple integration of
patterns module into the Drupal's installation procedure providing all the dependencies automatically. It also allows the execution of one or more patterns during the installation itself.

The Patterns module provides a way to automatically setup and configure multiple features on a Drupal site by reading and executing site configuration stored in easy to read files.



Base Installation Profile for AustroFeedr

AustroFeedr creates a universal & open source prototype for aggregation, processing and data publishing in real-time based on the PubSubHubbub-protocol. By implementing the „AustroFeedr Hochwasser“ (flooding) real world use case in cooperation with the Austrian government, it showcases the technology as a monitoring system of river water levels for flood protection in Austria.

Show case: http://drupal.org/node/1335456
Project web site: http://www.austrofeedr.at/


Modules used


Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites Book Demo Installation Profile

A distribution will be created for the Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites book demo. This is where it's going to live.

Note that there have been several issues getting this distribution to work. Once it appears to be working as expected, there will be a beta release.


This distribution will set up a very simple example Drupal 7 website that includes:

  • Common contrib modules (e.g. Views, Pathauto, etc.)
  • Multilingual modules used in book (see note below)
  • A main menu and a footer menu
  • Left and right side blocks
  • Extra content types
  • Pages created with Views
  • Taxonomy terms
  • Sample content (nodes)
  • Dummy user accounts
  • Example custom module code (for chapter 5)

Installation process

  1. Be prepared to wait. This installation uses many modules to set up the site and you will be waiting many minutes while it does it work. Surf the web, read a book, play a game ;)
  2. Click the download link at the bottom of page.
  3. to be continued....

Multilingual modules bundled with the demo site



OpenList is a powerful platform for listing or product-centric content. This could be a classified's site, a car dealership, a realtor website, an online store - the possibilities are endless.

This project is still in development, there will not be a stable version for some time. Read the Road map here: http://drupal.org/node/1591448



Clients module for walkthrough service. It generate a block, which contain the list of walkthroughs.


Open Badging Installation profile

Open Badging Installation profile is a ready to use solution for creating, issuing and displaying Mozilla OBI compliant badges. It provides a complete Open Badges software solution for organizations.

Simply run the Open Badging Installation profile to start using the badges system. After installing you’ll get access to:
An interface to create badges
An interface to define issuer information and issue badges to users.
An interface for users to manage their badges in the backpack.

“Open Badging Installation profile” provides all the features of a Badging system. It allows badge management at creator/issuer level as well as badge management at earner/receiver level.

Badge management at creator/issuer level:
Issuer (admin) can create badges which will be a png image with a OBI compliant meta data.
Issuer (admin) can issue/revoke the badges to the user triggering a notification email to the users.

Badge management at earner/receiver level:
It allows receivers to manage their earned badges by:
-Maintaining their own backpack
-Setting the privacy of badges as public/private
-Grouping the badges
-Pushing the badges to Mozilla backpack

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Arabic Installation Profile

A Drupal 7 Arabic installation profile


Localized Drupal Distribution

Localized Drupal 7 installation finish screen

A small distribution to install Drupal with user interface translations pulled automatically from localize.drupal.org. It is suggested you use this distribution to start off with Drupal if you'd like to set up a localized site. You can find setup instructions for the Drupal 7 version (which applies to Drupal 6 as well) at http://localize.drupal.org/node/2024



Light Weight Distribution is a distribution to cater development analysis effort made on choosing best possible modules to start with a drupal project.