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Drupal.org is maintained by volunteers and the Drupal Association. These projects organize work on Drupal.org itself. For more about how Drupal.org works, see the FAQ.

Flux Mailchimp

Integrates with the Mailchimp API based upon the flux Services integration.

This is an integration module, so it does not expose any end-user functionality. It integrates Drupal with the mailchimp by providing remote entities and integration with the Rules module.



A field class to support dimensions. The following three modes are supported:

  1. Length
  2. Area (width and height)
  3. Volume (width, height and depth)

The module comes with two formatters where the dimension values either get displayed as a table with each value of the dimension in a new row or as a single line with the initial(s) of the dimension components as the label(s).


Commerce Product Dimensions

A line item entity to allow customers to input the length, width and height of products if they were setup accordingly.



This project holds site specific code for infrastructure.drupal.org.


Opigno Audio App

Opigno Audio App
Allows users to add audio files to Opigno.
Creates a new Opigno tool "Audio Files", a new field type opigno audio that extends the file field type, a new field formatter using audiojs as well as a new content type "Audio".
The content type is set as an Organic Group content and a display view is also created.



This project has two purposes.

  1. It is like the drupal.org customizations project to hold site specific code.
  2. It is like the Infrastructure and Webmasters queues but is specific to groups.drupal.org. So, where people used to enter things into those queues with a Component of groups.drupal.org they can now enter them here.


Social Counters

This module pulls the number of followers / subscribers / likes / etc. from several social networks and saves them in Drupal variables on every cron.

Currently supported:

  • Number of likes of a Facebook page.
  • Number of followers of a Twitter account (requires OAuth module)

Variables can be overridden using the administration interface.


Commerce Shipping DHL

This is a DHL shipping module for Drupal Commerce.

It use a simple negotiated shipping rate table instead of DHL shipping service API. It supports both national and international shipping rate.

This module is shipped with a basic rates table for DHL Express 9h world wide and Domestic, shipping from France. Feel free to submit more complete and extensible tables.

Developed by Open Web Solutions, for RESEE.



This project holds site specific code for association.drupal.org.

This is also a place to report spam, account problems, or other issues with Association.drupal.org website, as well as suggest ideas and improvements. It is like Webmasters and Content projects, but specific to association.drupal.org.

You can also report spam or other problems with Drupalcon websites here.


Drupal.org webmasters

A project with issue tracker that you can use to report spam, broken links, or user account problems on Drupal.org website.

"Webmasters" vs. "Content"

Issues related to non-documentation website content, such as case studies, marketplace listings, Planet Drupal feeds, front page posts etc. belong to the Drupal.org content project. There is a separate project for Documentation content.

"Webmasters" vs. "Infrastructure"

If you want to report a problem with the Apache and MySQL installation on drupal.org, the Mailman mailing lists, the Git repositories, and the various Drupal installations on the drupal.org domain, please use the Drupal.org infrastructure project instead.

What about subsites?

Most subsites have own issue queues:

If subsite is not in the list above (e.g. api.drupal.org) - you can use this queue to report problems.

Helping as a webmaster

Test driven development infrastructure

NOTE (May 20/2012): Testing infrastructure Issue queue is currently being monitored over at the "Testbot" project page.

A project to manage the infrastructure for test driven development of Drupal core and contributed modules. This project extends work supported by Boris Mann and implemented by Moshe Weitzman.

This project is now live and reporting on automated test results: http://testing.drupal.org/tests

It is based on work funded by the Google summer of code project for test automation. Mentored by Thomas Ilsche and Rok Zlender during 2006, and 2007 respectively. Implementation of automated testing has been led by Rok Zlender, with support from Kieran Lal, and Robin Monks. Robin's work is based on his work with the quality project for Mozilla.

Moshe and Rok's work:

Robin's project demo: Drupaltestbed
freshen.php - Brings drupal source from CSV, runs install of the new drupal checkout.

action/install.php - Simpletest script for running the install script.


Drupal.org CVS applications

This project is obsolete.

Create an issue for http://drupal.org/project/projectapplications instead following the full project application instructions.

The Great Git Migration

This project is purely a container for issues pertaining to Phase 2 of the Git Migration. Mostly, this is here so that issues that don't have a specific home in other modules can avoid squatting in the infrastructure queue.

Drupal.org Project applications

Drupal code review logo

This project is the place to post applications for ability to create full projects.

For more information, see Applying for permission to create full projects.

Maintainers can immediately add co-maintainers to a project without going through an application process by granting Write to VCS privileges on the Maintainers tab. The co-maintainer will need to agree to the Drupal contributions repository usage agreement before they will be able to write to the repository.

Review bonus


Git on Drupal.org

This issue queue began as Git Migration Community Testing to collect and triage issues uncovered during the 'git phase 2' community testing period. Now that the Git migration is live, we will continue to use this queue for support. Issues may be moved to the queue of one of the 12+ modules that comprise the Git system when necessary.

When you report an issue here:



This contains the puppet scripts used to deploy testbots in the Drupal.org infrastructure.

To deploy new code:

Drupal Association

The Drupal Association is an educational non-profit organization that tasks itself with fostering and supporting the Drupal software project, the community and its growth.

This issue queue is deprecated.

For questions, discussions, policy changes, and other items please use Drupal Association Group


This project is like the Infrastructure and Webmasters queues but is specific to localize.drupal.org. So, where people used to enter things into those queues with a Component of localize.drupal.org they can now enter them here.

It might also serve as a repository for custom code on localize.drupal.org in the future.


Drupal Community Governance

This project was formed to work together on the Drupal community's governance process and structure and policies. If you're interested in specific issues regarding governance, take a look in the issue queue and add more if you'd like.

The repository holds a collection of charters relating to Drupal community governance working groups, as well as a place to hold discussion about said policies. These charters are currently solely maintained by Dries Buytaert. Other governance policy documentation can be found at About Drupal: Governance.


For the Drupal project, we are working towards developing a number of working groups related to various aspects of the community (security, documentation, conflict resolution, Drupal core, etc.), with Dries Buytaert as the final decision-maker:

Drupal project governance consists of Community Working Group, Technical Working Group, Security Team, Documentation Team, and a Working Group per major Drupal core version.


Conflict Resolution

This project is a place for resolving conflicts in our community. More information to follow.

A discussion of how we may use this project is in #1493430: [meta] Develop a conflict resolution process for community issues .


BAM Infrastructure

Project of the Branding and Marketing committee.

BAM infrastructure: organizing the Drupal Branding and Marketing Committee, tools and processes.

Other BAM projects:

BAM Research

Project of the Branding and Marketing committee.

BAM research: [TBD]


  1. Ongoing market research to verify target audiences or change them based on the outcome of the research.
  2. Competitive research
  3. Quick Review of D.o Marketing Message

Other BAM projects:

BAM Branding

Project of the Branding and Marketing committee.

BAM branding: [TBD]


  1. Audit on Drupal Marketing Material
  2. Improve DrupalCamp Visibility

Other BAM projects:

BAM Mission

Project of the Branding and Marketing committee.

BAM mission: helping the Board to achieve its mission of growing the Drupal community


  1. Promoting the activities of the Drupal Association
  2. Drive Attendance to Global Training Days
  3. Drive DA Memberships
  4. Selling DA Memberships at the Camps

Other BAM projects:

UX tasks

In which we track research, interaction, and visual design tasks for Drupal. Maintained by the UX Team.

The goal is to use the issue queue to maintain an up-to-date and actionable overview of what the UX folk are working on or would like to see happen in the near future.

* This queue does not contain any UI discussions, those are to be found under the Usability tag or in the Usability group.