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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Printer, email and PDF versions

print icons

This module allows you to generate the following printer-friendly versions of any node:

  • Printer-friendly version (webpage format) (at www.example.com/print/nid)
  • PDF version (at www.example.com/printpdf/nid)
  • EPUB version (at www.example.com/printepub/nid)
  • Send by email (at www.example.com/printmail/nid)

where nid is the node id of content to render.

Important: The current versions of the module require at least Drupal 6.11 or 7.0. They will not work in older versions.


Mime Mail

This is a Mime Mail component module (for use by other modules).

  • It permits users to receive HTML email and can be used by other modules. The mail functionality accepts an HTML message body, mime-endcodes it and sends it.
  • If the HTML has embedded graphics, these graphics are MIME-encoded and included as a message attachment.
  • Adopts your site's style by automatically including your theme's stylesheet files in a themeable HTML message format
  • If the recipient's preference is available and they prefer plaintext, the HTML will be converted to plain text and sent as-is. Otherwise, the email will be sent in themeable HTML with a plaintext alternative.
  • Allows you to theme messages with a specific mailkey.
  • Converts CSS styles into inline style attributes.
  • Provides simple system actions and Rules actions to send HTML email with embedded images and attachments.

Note that there are some serious limitations you need to take into consideration when creating email layouts, see the Email Standard Project for more information.

This module is required by the Send module.


The 7.x branch requires the Mail System module.


SMTP Authentication Support

Drupal 7

We have a new functional release for D7. Lot's of clean-ups on code have been made, and PHPMailer is now being shipped with it, so it works out-of-the-box. Go test this now!


On a weekly basis we have support requests all on the same issue, so please SEARCH before creating an issue, and before that check which version of PHPMailer you're using. Versions higher than 2.2.1 are NOT SUPPORTED.

This module allows Drupal to bypass the PHP mail() function and send email directly to an SMTP server. The module supports SMTP authentication and can even connect to servers using SSL if supported by PHP.

Maintenance sponsored by Chuva Inc.



Test message


Lets you theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website.


Share Buttons by AddToAny

New: Large vector sharing buttons using the Share Buttons Kit let you display SVG sharing icons for the most popular services (and more continually rolling out).

  • Universal sharing button
  • Modern SVG sharing buttons for social sites
  • Traditional PNG sharing buttons for social sites
  • Elegant Drupal integration
  • AJAX support
  • Display on articles
  • Display on article teasers
  • Display on pages
  • Display in blocks
  • Display in custom nodes

Every service


  • The E-mail tab makes it easy to share via Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail (Outlook.com), AOL, and any other web-based emailer or desktop email client.

Optimized for performance



This is a Messaging Framework to allow message sending in a channel independent way. It will provide a common API for message composition and sending while allowing plug-ins for multiple messaging methods.

When using this framework, you won't send e-mails to users anymore. You will send them 'messages' and they will decide how they want to get them delivered, that may be by mail, IM, SMS, depending on user's preferences...

Drupal 7 upgrade

Some limited funcionality has been upgraded.
Development is back on Drupal git repository.


Comment Notify

Comment Notify Signups

Comment Notify is a lightweight tool to send notification e-mails to visitors about new, published comments on pages where they have commented. Comment Notify works for both registered and anonymous users.


Contact Forms

This module expands the features of the site wide contact form. It eliminates the drop down category menu by generating a clean looking contact form (without a drop down menu) for each of the contact categories. Each contact form has a unique path i.e. 'contact/{category}'

You can also specify Additional information for each category that appears above the form and define the subject in the link to the form.

D7 version is fully translatable and compatable with the Internationalisation (i18n) module via the included Contact Forms Translation module.



Adds a "forward this page" link to each node. This module allows users to forward a link to a specific node on your site to a friend. You can customize the default form field values and even view a running count of the emails sent so far using the forward module.



Newsletter module aims to be a full blown newsletter solution for Drupal 7. It is especially recommended for people that need more than one newsletter list for their site.


Google Analytics Email (Contact Form, Webform, Rules)

Google Analytics information appended to the bottom of a Contact Form email

You'll never-again have to wonder how the heck someone found you!

What it does:

This module will instantly append Google Analytics information to the bottom of the Contact Form, WebForm, and Rules emails.

The Value Proposition:

Before, you had to search your web logs for "/[some_form_name]", and match it to an IP address. Then, go backwards through your log file to find the first hit from that IP address. Finally, you crossed your fingers and hoped there was something meaningful in the referrer field.

But, now you can be lazy and enjoy all the information in the footer of your email!

What's New?:

  • 1.4: Added an "allowed recipients" list to prevent the footer from showing up in every email.
  • 1.2: Integration with Rules Emails.
  • 1.1: Integration with WebForm. Customizable output using theme_contact_google_analytics_footer.

How do I make it work?:

Dude, it's magic. Just enable these five modules:
1. Contact or WebForm or Rules (Depending on your implementation)
2. Google Analytics
3. Token


Simplenews on register

THIS MODULE HAS BEEN RENDERED OBSOLETE BY ISSUE #658242: Add single opt-in/out, hidden newsletters and the option to subscribe at registration.

If you're using Simplenews 1.x, you might still need this module.




Notify user settings

The notify module allows users to subscribe to periodic emails which include all new or revised content and/or comments of specific content types, much like the daily news letters sent by some websites.

Even if this feature is not configured for normal site users, it can be a useful feature for an administrator of a site to receive notification of new content submissions and comment posts.


Team Notifications

Subscribe other people on your team to posts and comments as you are writing. This module provides a nice user interface to create subscriptions on the fly for other site users.

Notifications Team screenshot

Note that by using this feature, users can create subscriptions for other users, so this is mainly intended for small teams on which trusted users can decide which other members of the team should receive notifications about a post or follow up comments.

Required modules: Notifications.

It can work with Organic Groups when enabled, restricting the selection to other members of the active group, or function independently, allowing the subscription of all other site members.

Developers: Jeff Miccolis, David Goode. Sponsored by Development Seed.

Release information

The best release to use at this point is probably the latest 2.1 beta. The latest dev version includes customization support through a view.


Commerce Email

Commerce Email for Drupal Commerce

- Adds a configuration page for the order email
- Email content can be entered into textarea/wysiwyg (if available) form
- Email content can also be set to be loaded from a template file: commerce-order-email.tpl.php
- Allows the insertion of the order items into the email, token addition: [commerce-email:order-items]
- Supports Commerce Shipping
- Allows different language versions of each email
- Optional administrator email


Simplenews Statistics

Simplenews Statistics gathers newsletter statistics like the open rate and CTR (click-through rate) and presents the information to administrators through an easy to use interface.


Constant Contact

This module requires a Constant Contact account, Sign up for a free 60 day trial!

The Constant Contact module integrates features from the Constant Contact REST API into your drupal site.

You can add newsletter subscribe options to your drupal register page plus add multiple custom signup forms and place them on any page or sidebar of your website (using drupal blocks).




Create nodes by email!

Mailhandler uses Feeds to let you post nodes by email. It takes mail (usually from an IMAP mailbox) and imports it as whatever type of content you choose. Plug-in modules allow you to do more awesome things like post comments, select different authentication methods, and set properties such as published / sticky status using "commands". Hugely powerful and flexible, but includes a "quick-start" module to help get you started.


Simplenews Template

Settings provided by the Simplenews Template module in addition to themable templates.

Simplenews Template is a Drupal module that extends the Simplenews module by providing a themable template with configurable header, footer and style. Template, header, footer and style are configurable for each newsletter independently.

Simplenews Template can with advantage be used in conjunction with RelatedContent.

Simplenews Template is developed by Thomas Barregren of NodeOne. The initial release was sponsored by Spoon Media.


Webform Simplenews Component

This module provides a Webform component called "Newsletter e-mail" that allows to link webform nodes to one or more Simplenews newsletter subscriptions.
This is useful if you want a form of newsletter subscription with more fields than the email address, maybe the name, region, etc.
Subscription to multiple newsletters are now supported with checkboxes to select which newsletter(s) user wants to suscribe.



Email Change Confirmation

This module was created to address a missing piece of functionality in the Drupal user system.

Currently if a user updates their email address there is no confirmation step to ensure
that the new email address belongs to the user and is able to receive email.

In researching this issue I came across a patch to Drupal core to address this issue.
The patch is still pending however so I wrote this module borrowing from the code
submitted as patches in this issue.


Logging and alerts

This is a collection of logging and alerts modules. They interface to the new custom logging watchdog hook available in 6.x.


Simplenews Roles


A helper module for the Simplenews module which automatically populates a newsletter subscription list with users from specified roles.


Full synchronization of user role(s) with a newsletter. No partial synchronization allowed.


Extends and is dependent to


Activate the module. ;-)

Status / Known problems

Drupal 7

No known problems, pretty well coverage available. Actively supported / developed.

Drupal 6

Currently no more actively developed.

Version 6.x-0.1 is tested and works, but has this fairly important flaw: #331080: unsubscribe reverts back after cron run.

Version 6.x-2.0-dev fixes this, but requires the 6.x-2.x-dev version of Simplenews. Still very limited efficiency and doesn't scale well. Stresses cron. Further work on the API is needed #536620: Subscriber API: separate subscribers from newsletter management and allow other modules to define subscribers.


After installing, extra options are available on the settings page for each newsletter at admin/config/services/simplenews Choose role(s) to keep synchronized with your newsletter subscriptions here. If no role is selected, the newsletter subscription works manually as normal.
Don't add manual subscribers to synced newsletters.



Mailing List

Minimalistic mailing list module. create different mailing lists/campaigns. the module would create a block in admin/build/block page and you will be able to place it anywhere on your site for people to register to a mailing list.

Then you can export subscribed emails from each mailing list to a text file (csv, excel).


Simplenews Scheduler

Newsletter Schedule node settings

Simplenews Scheduler sends a newsletter as a re-occurring item based on a schedule.

It does so by creating a new edition (rendered copy as HTML Format) of a node at the time that it required to be sent again. The editions have an extra tab (for those with permissions) for viewing all editions as well as the original newsletter they are generated from. The original newsletter is never sent but all editions are according to a pre-defined schedule which is triggered via cron and can be defined when you create or edit a simplenews node. Current options for sending are by day, week, and month.

Works great with Insert View to place the content of a view into a newsletter. (eg: [view:recent_articles=20])

It is recommended to use simplenews 6.x-2.x branch along with the 6.x-2.x release of this project for sending scheduled newsletters. A Drupal 7 release is also available.