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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.


BornFree - Drupal Module Development

In general, BornFree functions as an image gallery with node-text on splash page.
So far, although there are many good image galleries out there, few of them does a good job of displaying a large block of text, which
associates with the image. Therefore, BornFree was engineered as an image gallery that does text rendering (not only just caption, or
title). The second motivation is that since there are a lot of nodes with attached images. Why not display them in a nice way on the front


Ubercart Taxonomy Tax

Allows Ubercart tax rates to be assigned to taxonomy terms.

After installing this module, you will be able to select taxonomy terms from the tax rate edit screen to apply product tax to.

Please note that line item tax will show up separately on the order. So you may want to create separate tax rates to provide appropriate titles (e.g. Shipping tax, Discount tax adjustment etc).


SugaronDrupal: Drupal connector for SugarCRM

SugaronDrupal provides the connection link between the SugarCRM and Drupal applications. With this set of modules Drupal could be set as a Self Service portal for a company customers, or serve as a lead capture engine of the website users. Within the scope of this project you will find two kind of modules providing a very good level of integration: for the Drupal site, to be able to understand and feed the SugarCRM information and for the SugarCRM site, to be able to query the Drupal site about information.

These modules will be an extension and mature version of the sugarondrupal concept code published at sugarforge. Promising features will be:

  • Convert any Drupal site in a Self Service portal. Customers will be able to communicate and share information with the company using a fashioned and sexy web.
  • Use your current Drupal site to capture leads, through registration, subscription or many other user actions.
  • Convert any Drupal content in a campaign or oportunity and track its status in SugarCRM
  • Even more sexy features to be revealed soon


Commerce Paymill


Commerce Paymill is Drupal Commerce module that integrates the Paymill payement gateway into your Drupal Commerce shop.

All development happens on the 2.x branch. The 1.x branch is unmaintained and will have no further releases.


Multi-Currency Support for Ubercart

This module enhances Ubercart by allowing a store to display product prices to customers in their local currency.

This module has special installation requirements. Please read the included README.txt for details and installation instructions. Really. Don't even try to skip this step. There's important information in there, and if you don't follow all the special instructions it won't work.


BPC Entity Reference

Allows entity reference fields to be used in the Bulk product creation UI provided by Commerce Bulk Product Create.

Sponsored by Switchback



This module implements the USAePay credit card gateway as an Ubercart payment method.


  • Recurring billing is supported if you have the UC Recurring (2.x version) module installed.
  • You can save customer credit card info to the USAePay database if this feature is enabled in your USAePay setup.


The PHP SOAP library is required.


Ubercart Conditional actions SMS integration

Adding tools for SMS messaging for Ubercart using its Conditional actions module, based on the SMS Framework module.

Using the integration, including the ability to use Tokens, gives strong capabilities for SMS notifications.

First goal was to implement SMS notifications for marketplace sellers, and additional features will come as needed.


CRM Core Profile Commerce Items

CRM Core Profile Commerce Items (called Commerce Items) is an entity handler for CRM Core Profile. Administrators can use it to create forms that collect online payments. Commerce Items directly integrates with Drupal Commerce and allows CRM Core Profile to add various items related to payment processing within profile forms.

These payment processing items include:


Privatemsg Bulkmail

Privatemsg Bulkmail

The Privatemsg Bulkmail module is intended for site administrators who want to send out an identical private message to a large user base (100.000 users and more). An example use case would be an internal notification to all registered users through a private message.

This module requires the amazing Privatemsg module.


iDEAL For Ubercart

Version 2

This module provides additional integration between iDEAL and Ubercart by using the order ID as the iDEAL purchase ID (which appears in the transaction overview of your bank), rather than the payment ID.


commerce static checkout url

This module changes the default functionality of Commerce to use a static url in checkout instead of dynamic one that changes in every order.
It is supposed to be a helper module for banking institutes that don't accept dynamic urls.
It simplifies development of redirection-payment modules, by allowing developer to deal only with each bank and not with the static url needed.

All Greek banksm and probably many other banks, that offer a redirection payment method require static urls to work. This is where commerce_static_checkout_url comes in, it creates the static url so the bank can accept and validate requests from your site.

Greek Banks Modules

Modules for the greek banks Alphabank, Eurobank and Winbank - Peiraius are already available while a module for NBG is under development but there is no scheduled release date.

Multilingual support, for the dev revision

In order for a site to be multilingual, you have to set all prefix paths for all availiable languages, do not use domain for language identification, and finally enable the Session detection method.



Ubercart Checkout Review Extras

UberCart Review Extras


Ubercart Review Extras provides an extra Pane on the Checkout Review page of a UberCart store.

This pane allows for 8 brief (or long) policy statements to be shown to a customer before sending off payment information during the Review process. Some Australia banks and financial institutions, and consumer watchdogs require this information be displayed before granting Merchant accounts to businesses.

The policies by default are named Currency, Domicile, Privacy, Security, Refunds, Returns, Delivery and Product.


Tattler (app)


Core module of the Tattler distribution.


This module is not supposed to work in a stand-alone mode and for most cases only makes sense as part of the Tattler (app) distribution. You can download the distribution at: http://tattlerapp.com/download


Sponsored and developed by: Phase2 Technology


Commerce Paypal IPN Rules integration

This module comes to give modular capabilities for Paypal IPN handling.

Combined with Drupal Commerce, Rules and the Paypal payment method, using this module you will be able to change your site workflow and logic.

As an example, while the "Commerce subscription products PayPal" integrates with the IPN to start/stop user subscription, but depends on specific user fields and content types, in this module you will be able to achieve the same, but for your own selected fields, content types, etc.

Current capabilities:


Views RSS: Google Products Elements

Extension module 2.x branches of Views RSS module, providing additional set of Google Prodcts elements for Google Merchant Center.


SimpleAds HTML5 Banner

HTML5 Banner Maker is the first HTML banner creator app on the web, you can make banner ads, website banners and website headers online that will display across all modern Internet browsers and mobile devices.

Our online banner generator web app is a unique one-of-a-kind web application.

HTML 5 Banner Maker is simple to use, has more features than any other online banner generator and more importantly it makes animated HTML5 banners for your website that look great and perform better than any other banners online!


CCAvenue Payment Gateway for Ubercart

This module provides an Ubercart payment method to conduct transactions via CCAvenue payment Gateway.

The skeleton framework of this module was borrowed from uc_paypal module which is present in ubercart.

The current module is being designed for Indian Rupee Payment Gateway.


Google Checkout

Provides integration with Libraries API (2.x-dev) and a Drush Make script to download the google-checkout-php-sample-code.

This project is aimed at providing basic foundation for integrating your online store with the Google Checkout API using PHP.


The Google Checkout integration can be configured by using Drupal variables. For example, the following can be placed in a site's settings.php file.

['google_checkout_merchant_id'] = '...';
$conf['google_checkout_merchant_key'] = '...';
$conf['google_checkout_server_type'] = 'sandbox'; // Defaults to production.
$conf['google_checkout_currency'] = '...'; // Defaults to USD.

Example Usage

$cart = google_checkout_cart_init();
$cart->SetMerchantPrivateData(new MerchantPrivateData(array('uid' => $user->uid)));
$item = new GoogleItem(t('Something really nice for $17'), '', 1, 17);


// Communicate information to GoogleCheckout and redirect user to complete checkout.

// Or make button.
echo $cart->CheckoutButtonCode();

* Handle incoming request from Google Checkout.


Commerce Downloads Feature

A feature defining default fields, views and rules for Commerce Downloads install profile.

Sponsored by Commerce Guys


uc_webmoney - Webmoney payment gateway for Ubercart

This module provides Webmoney payment gateway through merchant.webmoney.ru website, when using Drupal Ubercart.

Drupal 5
It was developed and tested for Ubercart 5.x-1.0-rc4.

Important! PHP have to support PEAR with extensions:

The XML_Unserializer object was replaced by XMLReader, which includes in PHP 5.x, so PEAR extensions are not needed anymore.

Please test this release!




This module provides support for international banking standards and identifiers such as BIC (ISO 9362) and IBAN (ISO 13616).

Current features include CCK field types for BIC and IBAN identifiers, as well as an API to parse and validate those identifiers (with specific IBAN support for 52 countries, up to date as of Release 13 of the ISO 13616 IBAN Registry).


Commerce 4B


Implements the Spanish 4B payment service for use with Drupal Commerce.

Full list of supported banks at http://www.4b.es/sistema-4b/members


  • Enable the module and configure the payment rule at admin/commerce/config/payment-methods
  • Enter the store code ("Clave de comercio") you received by the bank.
  • Deactivate the payment rule setting "Use testing platform" when going live.

4B Service configuration

You need to configure the payment service at the website 4B. After signing up for the payment service from 4B, you will be given:

  • Nombre de commercio
  • Clave de comercio (store code)
  • Clave de usuario y contraseña (username and password)

Login at https://tpv.4b.es/config, enter the username and the password, click "Configuración"
in the menu at the left, and enter the following URLs, replacing YOURDOMAINNAME

  • URL que devuelve el desglose de la compra: YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/checkout_details
  • URL que graba el resultado en la BD del comercio (TRANSACCIONES AUTORIZADAS): YOURDOMAINNAME/commerce_4b/payment_response


Simple Cart

Simple Cart is an e-commerce solution.

Main features:
* Simple Cart is not Drupal Commerce, Ubercart, or eCommerce (much more simple)
* No registration (anonymous users can buy)
* No checkout (customer will only should provide an email and phone number)
* No payment methods (integration with another module optional)
* No delivery methods (store manager can contacts customers directly)

Drupal 7

A Drupal 7 version is underway. Please check back soon.


Commerce Price History

Commerce Price History Chart

This module provides a price history feature for Drupal Commerce products.