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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Google Analytics Injection

The module injects any Javascript code right after the _gaq.push(["_setAccount", "UA-XXXXXXX-X"]) call. This module is not a submodule of Google Analytics, but can extend it.

It can be used for adding any custom GA tags, like _gaq.push(["_setPageGroup"...]);

The module does not provide any UI, it only fires the hook.


AJAX Download Counter

This module uses AJAX to count file downloads. It's optimized for medium to large sites (such as my own site, OpenGameArt.org) where the total number of file downloads might be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. Using this module has some advantages and some limitations versus other methods of counting downloads:


Project Stats

Configuration page


This module allows you to download data about projects from drupal.org :
- number of downloads
- number of reported installs
You can display data using Views module or custom code (data are stored in table projectstats).


Go to admin/config/system/projectstats and add new project.


- CURL for PHP
- Views for displaying data (or you can use own code to get data from database table).


New Relic Insights Integration

New Relic Insights (currently in beta) combines business metrics, performance data, and customer behaviors in one giant database. This module, in active development, integrates Drupal and Insights in a number of ways. It is a compliment to New Relic RPM.




This module allows you to display the number of the users currently on any particular page. That's it!


On the configuration page of the module (admin/config/pagewatchers), the following can be set:

- 'Count for anonymous users': As the name suggests, set whether to count anonymous users.

- 'Cache Lifetime': Define how old do cached numbers have to be to be considered too old and be discarded. Set to 0 to disable. (Disabling caching might prove useful while still in development stages)



GoogleTagManager settings form

Allow the non-technical stakeholders to manage the analytics for their website using the Google Tag Manager (GTM). This module allows you to trigger the insertion of tags and tracking systems onto the pages of the site.


User Auth.log

User Auth.log

Allows for logging user actions on sensitive/critical administrative pages. Logging is limited to specific users and/or user roles (configurable). Logging only occurs on specific administrative pages (configurable). Features include:


Analytics Tracking (Referrer / Landing Page)

The Elevator Pitch

There are just some things that you need to know immediately upon conversion; you can't wait to see it in your Google Analytics / Piwik / etc report. This module is that missing piece to the puzzle that tracks important information about your website visitors at the time of conversion. It also exposes that information with tasty little tokens that can be used virtually anywhere. It does the tracking in three separate cookies and exposes that information in 6 tokens.

The Cookies and Tokens

A. First Visit (5-year cookie)



Shows the settings page in drupal backend

Every webmaster has over time with maintenance of a major website found it necessary to monitor how much an individual event is used.

Many of these can usually be measured using tools like google analytics.

But as a developer, I often look at stuff like Watchdog errors or how many web-orders failed, and other events most of those tools don't covers.

For this I use Librato.com which allows me to transfer and show this informations, or any other events in nice interface, all I got to do is add an rules event and activate cron.


Google Analytics Referrer

The correct(?) spelling of referrer :-)

Lightweight, no-nonsense, enable-and-forget page collector of referrers for all pages on your site, drawing on data collected by Google Analytics. Hardly any load on your server, no negative impact on the user. Highly customizable. Suitable even for large and high-traffic sites.



segmentio for Drupal is the easiest way to integrate segmentio analytics into your Drupal site.

By installing segmentio's Drupal plugin you can add any analytics service to your site without touching any code.

segmentio lets you send your analytics data to Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics, Chartbeat, and more... without having to integrate with each and every one, saving you time.

Once you're setup, you can swap and add new analytics services with the click of a button!




Provides integration with the third-party service, StatHat.

Currently only supports EZ stats.


Zurb Apps

ZURBapps helps you quickly design great products through rapid prototyping, iteration and user feedback.


Profile2 Complete Percent

calculates percentage for all profile2 types in one single block.



Google Analytics Form Tracking

Adds the ability to track partial form completion in Google Analytics.

Development of this module was sponsored by Opsview.


Woopra Analytics

Adding a woopra solution.

Solutions for Each Team

It’s not just the age of the customer,
it’s the age of the customer-centric organization




Mail Tracking

Mail Tracking statistics

The Mail Tracking module tracks the number of recipients that read your e-mail message, click on a link in it or unsubscribe (if used in combination with Simplenews).

And there's even more: if the Simplenews and Google Analytics module have been installed you can define a source for your newsletters. This source (and some other values) will be added as utm_ parameters to all website links in your newsletter.


Saplo Text Analytics

Saplo provides services that extract and refine valuable information from large quantities of text. This module enables tag extraction and similarity analysis by connecting to the Saplo API. Use it to e.g. fetch relevant content or suggested tags.

Some use cases

This module is under development.


Social Stats

Drupal Social Stats Screenshot

This is a statistics module. It provides data from various social media sites. The data which is saved per node. It includes data from:

  1. Facebook : likes count, shares count, comments count & total count.
  2. Twitter : tweets count.
  3. LinkedIn : share count.
  4. Google Plus : plus one count
  5. Total Share Count : total across all available social networks


  1. social_stats : This module is responsible to collect data from the social sites and store it in the database.
  2. social_stats_views : Views integration of the data collected by social_stats module.
  3. social_stats_panels : Panels integration of social_stats module.


  1. Download the module and place it with other contributed modules (e.g. sites/all/modules/).
  2. Enable the Social Stats module on the Modules list page. The database tables will be created automatically for you at this point.
  3. Modify permissions on the People >> Permissions page.
  4. Go to admin/config/social-stats/settings, set the date after which you want your data to be fetched. Select the social sites to be tracked per content type.
  5. Run cron. This will fetch the statistics per node and store it in database.


Baidu Analytics

Logo of the Baidu Analytics web statistics online tracking service.

Adds the Baidu Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website.
Baidu Analytics (百度统计 Baidu Tongji, in Chinese) is Baidu search engine's web analytics platform.

It provides users with many reports about visitors to their website, such as a report on the source of visitors, user demographics, reports on content viewed on site, a heat map, and many other features.


The module allows you to add the following statistics features to your site:

  • Selectively track/exclude certain users, roles and pages
  • Monitor what type of links are tracked (downloads, outgoing and mailto)
  • Monitor what files are downloaded from your pages
  • Custom variables support with tokens
  • Custom code snippets
  • Site Search support
  • DoNotTrack support (non-cached content only)
  • Drupal messages tracking
  • Modal dialog tracking (Colorbox)
  • Access denied (403) and Page not found (404) tracking
  • Cache the Baidu Analytics code on your local server for improved page loading times



Webform Link

Adds a webform component that lets the user enter a URL. The module verifies that a valid URL is entered and displays the result as a link.


  • Webform

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Webform Charts

This module integrates the Webform module with the Charts (with an "s") module. Using the libraries provided by Charts module (either Google Visualization or Highcharts, or other add-on libraries), this module integrates with the "Analysis" tab of a Webform to provide charts for each individual component's analytical data.




This project introduces a vendor independent framework for deeply monitoring Drupal and all its projects / modules. It provides a 360 degree perspective on Drupal system health, being a critical piece for true enterprise Drupal platforms.

Our goal is to make monitoring an affordable and well established standard feature. These days, every website is somehow mission critical and the era of lazy-/unmonitored enterprise applications need to have an end.

With this vendor independent definition, we recommend every contrib module to provide own sensors that allow us to measure module health by default.

The project monitoring is no monitoring application on its own. It provides a lightweight sensor definition framework with a set of sensors that can be collected by any monitoring product. Integrations into the most popular Open Source products Nagios / Icinga (monitoring system) and Munin (trends monitoring grapher) will be available out of the box. Integrating additional monitoring products is easy.


The base platform for sensor definition is production ready. Publishing of the integration into products and contrib modules will follow soon. Contact us if you need it NOW and want to support development.
There are no known major issues.


A list will follow.