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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

B4Y Event Registration

(Legacy) event registration module.


Only tested in the "Fedimbo / Fast2Web" distribution, depends on the webform module.


Developed by Blue4You


Drupal Conferences

This is a suite of modules to provide conference and event related functionality.


Gentle Reminder

This module provides API to make user reminders.
From the box it can remind your users about:


Privatemsg Reminder

This module will remind your users about unread private messages.


Mandrill Inbound

This module provides integration with Mandrill Inbound email processing.


The main module provides 'Incoming message is received' event for Rules module with related variables.

Also it has integration with some modules:



YATT (Yet Another Time Ticker)


Calendar Overlay

Move a node to a different position to change its Date field value

7.x-1.x-dev version is a WIP, will be updated by Dec 14 2013.

Interactively move and resize node calendar representations on weekly Views displays by drag and drop method. This effectively changes the Date field value associated with the calendar Views.

Display buttons on the node representations and assign custom functions to them. Edit and Delete node buttons are implemented out of the box.


Context States

Define the States

Allows administrators to define universal states that can then be used by Context. Also, provides a permission to enable site editors to toggle these states through a UI.


Eventbrite API

Eventbrite logo


This module provides tight integration with the Eventbrite platform using the Eventbrite API. In the production version the following features are available directly from the Drupal admin panel:



Ticket is a module that provides ticketing and registration for events (and more abstractly, entities). Events may have multiple ticket types, each with a unique set of requirements and registration fields.


Advance Clock

advance clock configuration

Welcome to Advance Clock.
As the name suggests this module gets you the advance functionality provided by clock module
This module provides :
1) A customizable clock plugin over the block plugin by clock module thus this will provide an integration with panel pages and views depending upon the configuration options chosen.
2) This module will also provide per user configurable clock


Anonymous Date Reminder


Anonymous Date Reminder re-factors the Date Reminder module to allow anonymous visitors to request an email reminder to be sent at a specified time before an event. Generally these would be calendar events, but any node type that has a date field can support reminders.


How this module differs from Date Reminder
This module does not integrate with Drupal's user system. It does not link reminders to users, it allows anonymous visitors to request reminders. In addition to the above change, this module:

  • Shows tabs only to users with the permission to view all reminders on a node.
  • Shows 'Send test email' only to users who can administer anonymous date reminders.
  • Allows reminder form to be displayed in a table and as unformatted fields
  • Creates a block that can be used to place the reminder form in a region using the block ui

Apart from the above, this module uses the code from and stays true to the original Date Reminder Module. The information below has been taken from the Date Reminder project page and changed where appropriate.

When reminders are enabled for a node, anonymous visitors can request reminders to be sent before each occurrence of the date/time. The visitor specifies how long before the date/time to send the reminder.


Date's datepicker inline

This module permits inline rendering of date's popup widget. That is, it display the datepicker embedded in the page instead of in an overlay.

It integrates with field API, form API and views exposed filters (via date_views).

Support and customizations

The module author provides paid development and consulting services. Contact Jonathan Araña Cruz.


Evanced Registration

Evanced Registration form

The Evanced Registration module is used to allow users to register for events on your Evanced event site without leaving the context of your Drupal site.


In most situations, your events will already exist on your site and have likely been imported via the Evanced Events Importer module.




Opigno Calendar App

Opigno Calendar app. Creates a calendar for your platform.


Weekdays field

This module provides both a form element and a field type for week days.

It also provides a submodule for Date Restrictions integration.

Support and customizations

The module author provides paid development and consulting services. Contact Jonathan Araña Cruz.

You can also support this module by giving cash gifts via Gittip.


Feeds: Meetup

Meetup parser for the Feeds module.

This module adds a new parser for the Feeds module that makes it possible to parse and import Meetup XML feeds using the Meetup API.


BrightTALK Field

BrightTALK Field

Provides fields that can display a BrightTALK webcast or channel.

BrightTALK embeds are fully functional and allow users to register and view content both live and on demand.

Field Options

For a channel field the user needs to enter a channel ID.

For a webcast field the user can either paste in the embed code or input the channel and webcast ID.

For more information about available BrightTALK content:



FullCalendar Mini

This module adds some additional css and js render a FullCalendar small enough to work in a sidebar or footer. This module also includes functionality that makes it easier to publish a the block using Shared Blocks


Date Restrictions for Commerce Line Items

Module settings

Restricts allowed values in a date field exposed in a line item. Source data for restrictions is picked from fields defined in the product display.


Time of Day

A very simple field for storing and displaying the time of day, i.e. 5:30 AM. The time is stored as ISO time so it will sort correctly and because it's a datetime value it can be displayed using date format strings for a personalized display.


Facebook and/or Twitter (Publish Away)

Publish Away allows you to easily and automatically publish your content (on adding / updating) on your Facebook (page / timeline) or Twitter.

No further library required to get it work thus you do not have to worry about external libraries.

Do not forget to read the Master File README.txt for more information related to the installation.

D8 version provides publish away field type with Facebook and Twitter field widgets.


Pop-up announcement


The module provides a pop-up announcement in the pretty and fast render overlay which will appear for the site visitor on the first, second and fifth visit to the site (you can change the number of visits).

Very useful solution for interaction and communication with site visitors.

You may post announcement, attractive greeting, advices, information about coming site maintenance, new goods, sales and so forth.

If interval between http requests is more than one hour, these are two different visits.


  • The announcement may be with html.
  • The announcement will appear on the overlay.
  • Announcement added to the site as a block - it makes possible to use flexible visibility settings to define pages where announcement will appear.
  • On the configure page it is possible to define, on which visit the announcement will appear. By default on the first, second and fifth visit.
  • After 90 days records about visits become old and automatically are removed rom the database.


Work Calendar

Work Calendar allows to define yearly working/holiday calendars.

In general, these calendars can define what dates in a year are considered available or not, for any purpose.

Work calendars are defined by a pattern of week days: choose which week days a business/office/resource/whatever is open/available. See the picture for details.


Spider Event Calendar

This module is the best Drupal Event Calendar plugin available in Drupal Modules Directory. Spider Event Calendar is a highly configurable product which allows you to have multiple organized events. Spider Drupal Event Calendar is an extraordinary user friendly extension.