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Extend and customize Drupal functionality with contributed modules. If a module doesn't quite do what you want it to do, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, then join forces and help the module maintainer. Or, share your own by starting a new module.

Image Width and Height formatter

This module provides

This module provide a formatter for image field. You can choose to display the width, the height or both of the image.

Use cases

I created this module when refactoring the OpenLayers Styles layer in the OpenLayers module.
This module and the module image URL formatter will now be needed if you want to display image as graphics for your markers.


Slick Carousel

Drupal slick carousel

Drupal module for Ken Wheeler's Slick carousel.

See http://kenwheeler.github.io/slick


View terms with depth class


Views Show Query

This module shows real SQL query in Views UI during live preview.

'Real query' means it is rewritten by query_alter hooks. For instance, node access checks are added, so this requires selecting the user on behalf of which the query is supposed to be executed. So the module adds 'User ID to show final query' field in views preview form. You must enter numeric user ID in this field to view the real SQL query.


Node type flag

Due to the changes in Flag 3.4 it is no longer possible to flag non-entities. (From this version on Flag module token handling explicitly assumes that the flagging type is an entity type. As a consequence for node_type flaggings it continually throws "Undefined index" notices I don't think is possible to get rid of.) Therefore I mark this module Obsolete and Unsupported.

Depending on the Flag module Node type flag allows flagging node types.


Views Block Inception

Why this module ?

This module won't be probably used by a lot of people but I needed it in my own personnal project, so, I'm releasing the source.


Entity Merge UI

This module uses the Entity Merge module and Views Bulk Operations to provide a UI for merging entities. In this UI you can choose which values of which entities will be used when merging them.


Background Images Formatter

This module provides an image formatter who allows you to set an image in background of a div.
The images are from a field of an entity and not from a configuration page or sth else, so it's very easy to setup and manage.


Views Contextual Filter Query

Allows url query values to be used as contextual filter arguments. This module is an answer to the many stackoverflow topics where the solution is to fetch query parameters by using the default PHP argument filter in Views (yucks!).



Provides an "Apply tag(s)" action from Views Bulk Operation, offers more streamlined interface than "modify entity values"


Views Glossary

Views Glossary

Views glossary module provide following features,

1- A special kind of layout to glossary view(which is available by default with views) or any view, see in screenshot.
2- Providing pager with selectbox and textbox.
3-A default view is added for example.
4- Making items per pager independent of expose form submit.(A usability improvement).

Go to module configuration and enter view machine names separated by comma. See the layout on view.


Flag Hide & Mute

Flag made from food

Flag, Hide & Mute is a module for site administrators to configure flags --as in the Flag module-- for the following purposes.


Sticky columns

Sticky columns module allows you to add table sticky columns for Views table (by admin area) and for any table (by API).

Please report if this looks bad in your theme.

Created by ADCI solutions team


Views numeric extras

Views numeric extras provides extended options for numeric fields in Views:



Fig.1 Sample timeline views page

Drupal vertical timeline module:

Module Pre-requisites
1. Library
2. views 3
3. Timeliner Jquery Plugin by tecknoratek - https://github.com/technotarek/timeliner
4. Jquery_update (needed to update to jquery version 1.7)


A Simple Timeline

The Simple Timeline module allows the rendering of entities selected by a view on a simple vertical timeline.

This plugin has been ported to drupal from the wordpress posts timeline plugin.


Num items formatter

Num items adds a field formatter that displays the number of items in the relevant field, with an optional translatable string around it.

Especially useful in Views, where you want to show the number of [field type here].


CTools Custom Link

CTools Custom Link allows you to add custom links inside panels, leading to any user-defined page. It is implemented as a CTools Content Plugin, and thus can be reused anywhere in the code as well.

The link fields that can be defined are:
- Text
- CSS classes
- HTML Attributes

The first three fields also support token replacement and context keyword substitutions.

This module depends on the CTools module.


Views Block Exposed Filter Blocks

Views gives you the ability to create blocks for your page views' exposed filters, allowing you to place your exposed filters in arbitrary regions (via Core Block module, Context, or Panels). If you've wanted the same capability for your block views, this is the module for you.


Elasticsearch Connector

Elasticsearch logo

Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal.
It is using the official Elasticsearch PHP library. You can also view the github repo.


Geofield Yandex Maps

Geofield widget, Geofield formatter, Views handler, Form element and Text filter with Yandex.Maps 2.1


Programmaticaly show map with marker


Calendar Overlay

Move a node to a different position to change its Date field value

7.x-1.x-dev version is a WIP, will be updated by Dec 14 2013.

Interactively move and resize node calendar representations on weekly Views displays by drag and drop method. This effectively changes the Date field value associated with the calendar Views.

Display buttons on the node representations and assign custom functions to them. Edit and Delete node buttons are implemented out of the box.


Search Views Empty Query

When defining a search view in the Search Views module (part of the Search API module) and exposing the Fulltext search filter, the view will display all results if the search text is empty. This module changes this behavior to display either the view's No Results content or a custom message.

The development of this module was sponsored by Whisky Echo Bravo.


Views Stylizer

Allows you to apply custom HTML(js, css) code to Views Display.


Edit Views

In-place editing of entity fields in Views.

This is an experimental project! Supporting in-place editing of entity fields in Views is non-trivial!

Drupal 7

Extends the functionality of Edit module.

Drupal 8

Extends the functionality of the included Edit module.