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Chamfer using Chamfer defaults feature and some menu blocks

#D7AX - I pledge to make this theme as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue. Help me fix them if you can.

Chamfer is a theme developed originally as a customizable, simple, rapid prototyping theme for online courses. It has since evolved into a theme used to present online courses at penn state as well as a number of other regular drupal sites.

Chamfer has been reworked from the ground up for 7.x! It is an HTML5, 960 grid using Omega as a base-theme. It makes use of the color module and has good support for the Tinynav.js module / library.

Features of 7.x

  • HTML5 / 960 responsive / adaptive theme
  • Simple, clean user interface
  • Works well with Tinynav.js
  • Full color module integration with many default templates
  • Developer support for modules to define additional color templates
  • Omega sub-theme
  • Feature's based delta-block / box placement via Context

Projects to get as part of the 7.x version


    A Vitamin

    Drupal template - A Vitamin

    A Vitamin is a new template from Themes Drupal.

    09/08/2010 - Addedd support for custom $logo 6.x-1.5

    04/08/2010 - New Drupal template: A Vitamin Plus+

    22/06/2010 - Improved drop down CSS 6.x-1.4

    21/06/2010 - new feature on version 6.x-1.3

    Just two days after the initial release, a drowpdown menu has been added on the primary links.



    Zebilla theme screenshot

    A clean, tableless, multi-column Drupal theme.

    • Multiple columns - 1, 2, and 3
    • Tableless design
    • XHTML + RDFa validated
    • Google web-fonts
    • Customizable social media integration - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn

    Here is a demo of the theme.


    A cloudy day

    A cloudy day theme

    A cloudy day theme is a standards compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict, table-less theme with 2 fixed columns to fit a 1024x768 screen, designed and developed by Carette Donny.



    Black Mamba


    Black Mamba is a heavy mod of the Waffles and Acquia Marina themes so credit goes to them. I was also motivated by sites like cnet.com and sourceforge.com with their cool black headers, and you will see that in Black Mamba the header area is just as compact.



    Libra Drupal Theme


    General description

    Libra Drupal Theme by Glidea Web Agency and Drupal Soul, is a powerful Omega subtheme based on the 960gs.

    The design is a combination of blue sky colors with a nice look and feel.
    Good typography contrast has been also considered.



    A single page view of the barlow theme on my blog.

    A sober but stylish theme, good for blogs.


    • Simple 1, 2 or 3 columns fixed layout
    • Nice semantic calendar markups for posts
    • Ported to the last 2 versions of Drupal
    • Supports menus in the footer
    • i18n support (translated to french)





    Earthen uses a clean corporate colour scheme and is perfect for any cafe, bar or restaurant.


    • Support for logo, primary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
    • Fixed width layout
    • Drop-down primary links menu
    • Cross browser compatible

    Tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2 & Chrome




    What is red and black and white all over?
    Barron is!

    Includes the 2 sub-themes:

    • "Barroness" which has the sidebar located on the left.
    • "BarronRTL" which adds Right to Left Language support.

    Note About the Silk Icons Set
    The Silk icons set used for this theme has been removed from the Drupal repository. The icons are not licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and violated Drupal Git policy.



    iWebkit Subthemes

    iWebKit is a web toolkit designed to create iPhone and iPod touch compatible websites and webapps. It is very easy to use, extremely fast, compatible and extensible. iWebkit is available under GNU license and can be downloaded from http://iwebkit.net.

    iWebkit theme for drupal is to make your drupal websites iPhone/iPod compatible.

    An important part of building mobile websites is automatic detection of the user-agent (mobile device) so you can switch to an appropriate theme, or re-configure the layout for your mobile browsing. Once you've detected the device, you can present the website in a theme tailored to it.

    Few modules to detect user-agent(browser) and switch drupal theme to appropriate mobile device compatible theme are:

    * Mobile Tools http://drupal.org/project/mobile_tools is a very advanced module targeted both towards making a mobile version of your existing Drupal site, and detecting user agents for switching theme to mobile theme. A good tutorial how to use this module is available here.
    * WURLF http://drupal.org/project/wurfl is module provides an API for to detect which device is accessing the site and also determine the device's capabilities (e.g. screen size, support for ajax, which device, touch_screen, etc ...). WURLF is available for download from SourceForge (it's an opensource project).




    Looking for co-maintainer
    Sandium is originally designed by psdcow
    It was converted to Drupal, a Table-less , XHMTL1-Strict / CSS 2 quite theme.
    Works perfectly on Firefox, IEx, Chrome, and Safari.

    12 Regions theme
    jQuery Superfish drop-down menu

    It represents the color, and the feeling of sand where we all belong to.



    jbase5 logo

    This is a theme for themers and includes the building blocks for your HTML5 theme.


    This is a theme for themers and includes the building blocks for your HTML5 theme. This theme is designed to be a base theme which you use to develop a custom sub-theme on top of it.

    It is recommended not to alter any of the jBase5 files and do all your custom development within
    your subtheme. This allows for easier updates to the jBase5 theme files without altering your custom


    - HTML5 template markup
    - Collapsible regions (regions hide/expand/contract based on block placement)
    - Page template suggestions
    - Node template suggestions
    - Region template suggestions
    - Breadcrumb output as unordered list
    - Change labels on fields from span to label
    - Sliding door button styles
    - Add field-item count as class for field-item on fields
    - Add odd and even classes to comments
    - Create unique class for block's order in region (block-first and block-last)
    - Zen-style view/edit tabs
    - IE version specific CSS suggestions
    - Fusion Accelerator integration which allows for easy point-and-click styling of basic Drupal elements within easy reach of site administrators.

    Sites running jBase5

    - BlueVolt
    - OpenSesame
    - Mambo Media
    - Eyeneer TV
    - Symantec SES


    Radix Stanley





    IMPORTANT: This theme is currently in beta. Please don't use for production. Some changes may ruin your subtheme (but most probably not).


    This theme is targeted primarily for developers and themers. The theme was developed to allow rapid creation of custom (sub)themes. It includes basic styles and features which I found to be useful on majority of projects over years: from less complicated blogs to more complex corporate sites. Compared to many existing Drupal theme frameworks it works right away, it is lightweight, there are no zillion of settings to obey. Actually, I believe the majority of theme setting should be hardcoded anyway not to allow final user to ruin the original design.


    IE (6,7,8), WebKit (Safari, Chrome), Mozilla (FireFox, Camino, SeaMonkey), Opera (8,9,10). The theme also was created to support older mobile browsers and screen readers. NOTE: IE6 and 7 are note actively supported anymore, but should work fine.



    - 19 block regions (you can disable them in subtheme.info file)
    - accordion block region in the sidebar (nice to crop less used content)
    - meerkat block region at the bottom (http://meerkat.jarodtaylor.com/)
    - block region in node
    - on mouse over block edit badges at any place


    - nicely styled comments




    BlueJems is simple web theme. For they who want a simple view, simple layout, simple color, and simple use. Combined with good color, that make this theme is good looking.

    Features :

    • 1, or 2 column design.
    • Tableless.
    • More than 7 collapsible block regions.
    • Superfish drop down menu.
    • Heading H1 optimization for SEO
    • Custom login form.



    BH Bootstrap Theme

    BH Bootstrap Theme for Drupal 7

    This theme is a basic port of Twitter's Bootstrap development framework to Drupal 7. It can be used as a theme out-of-the-box, but is intended to be used as a parent theme. The theme itself is currently at an early stage of development, but appears reliable and stable. Implemented features should simply work with Drupal 7.

    However, please note:

    1. this theme requires the Bootstrap library. Ideally, the 7.x-1.0 version of the Libraries module should be installed, and the Bootstrap framework directory placed so that the main bootstrap css file is reachable at sites/all/libraries/bootstrap/bootstrap.css.
      Alternatively, download the Bootstrap framework, copy it into the theme directory so that the main bootstrap css file is reachable at sites/all/themes/bh_bootstrap/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css.
    2. this theme requires jQuery 1.7 (in other words, the 7.x-2.x-dev version of the jquery_update module).



    screenshot thumb

    Profolio is a clean and neutral XHTML 1.0 Strict Drupal 7 theme.


    • Multiple columns
    • Tableless design
    • XHTML Strict 1.0
    • Up to 10 different block regions
    • Browser Compatible: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE

    Profolio Live-Demo

    Visit Blog & Portfolio




    Drupify is a port of a Joomla theme called RokWebify from RocketTheme. Drupify includes many optional content blocks above and below the main content.

    A variety of tutorials are available for customizing the original Rokwebify theme. Many of these tutorials can be applied to Drupify as well.


    TB Neris

    TB Neris Screenshot

    Like our other themes, TB Neris is based on Nucleus, thus all Nucleus features are inherited.

    Neris is a clean business portfolio theme with a modern and simple touch. A highlight for your products and services on the web.


    OM Admin Theme

    OM Admin 2 Documentation

    OM Admin is a subtheme of OM Base Theme.

    This Admin Theme is meant to be installed with Admin Menu module, the most powerful administration menu. Together, OM Admin theme and Admin Menu work hand in hand with functionalities and simplified admin page layouts.

    Documentation (ver 2.x)

    Documentation (ver 1.x)

    Base Theme

    • OM Base Theme - Simple, professional, lightweight base theme, for custom theming

    Related Projects


      Dark Blue

      Dark Blue theme in action

      A simple yet elegant theme, ideal for a blog.

      A port from the free template Dark Blue from minimalistic-design.net
      You can see the original demo here: http://www.minimalistic-design.net/newtemplates/2/

      Released under GNU/GPL license for the drupal community with consent from the author.

      Go to /admin/build/themes/settings/darkblue to configure the:

      • Logo
      • Site name
      • Site slogan
      • Footer message
      • Shortcut icon
      • Search box
      • Primary Links
      • Secondary Links
      • Blog entries with fancy dates (taken from clean template) for BLOG content types

      Regions available for blocks:

      • Content Top *
      • Right sidebar
      • Footer *

      * Both regions "Content Top" and "Footer" are layed out to have the block's width be a third of the space available.
      So, if you have 3 blocks they will display side by side properly; If you have more they will drop to the next line.
      If you want to have only one block on the whole region, you will want to edit the layout.css and remove the width for the blocks in that region.

      See the README.txt file for more information.




      The Corky theme is an office style theme with a bulletin board background complete with push pins. It is a fluid div based layout with a number of regions that allow site flexibility.

      If you like this theme follow us on twitter: @rapiddoodle, @edelachev, @p_rip

      Corky was sponsored by Rapid Doodle Designs


      Light Fantastic

      Light Fantastic

      Drupal 6

      Light Fantastic is is a theme developed for the Google Summer of Code 2007 by Buddhika Amila Sampath. In the summer of 2009 Brauer Ranch Ltd, Co. sponsored conversion of the theme to the new Fusion theme system. The conversion was done by TopNotchThemes.

      Some of the key features of Light Fantastic include:

      • Single column layout
      • Two column layout: left or right sidebar
      • Three column layout: left and right sidebar
      • Banner region: A region between header and content for featured content
      • Additional region: A region between the content and the footer, which could have one, two or three same-width content blocks

      This theme is a subtheme of the Fusion Core base theme. Light Fantastic + Fusion is a little different from other Drupal themes you may be used to. Positioning and block styles are controlled through Drupal's UI via the Skinr module, which is required if you want to actually use styles. These configurable options give Light Fantastic an unparalleled amount of flexibility and features.



      Admire Gray


      This is the theme of my color based Admire series. Its a wide (around 996px) and fixed width theme for those who are looking for high quality, clean and web2.0 style theme for their Drupal CMS.



      The Scruffy theme for Drupal

      Scruffy is a grungy, two-column blog theme originally designed for Wordpress by Cobus Bester. The Drupal port preserves the same fundamental layout, with minor tweaks to work with non-node pages, Drupal status messages, and so on.