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Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. You can use themes contributed by others or create your own to share with the community. Contributed themes are not part of any official release and may not have optimized code/functionality for your purposes. You can also create a sub-theme of an existing theme. A sub-theme inherits a parent theme's resources. Read more about Sub-theme structure and inheritance. You can also view a full index of themes listing only their titles.



Newskin is (another) theme for Drupal. It integrates some cool jQuery features into the layout by using rounded corners for featured content, blocks with custom-scrollbars, and collapsable headers.

I will soon make a feature-list, and would appreciate reviews (both usability and security wise) from the community.

The theme was supported and sponsored by N.E.W.S.



Screenshot of the Diary theme in progress

A theme aimed at personal blogs with diary-like content.




Vineyard 1.0 -- A Drupal theme

The vision of Vineyard is to not look like an easily identifiable Drupal theme. Many Drupal themes can be distinguished by a heavy "rectangular" feel, when the page is broken into a header area and left and right sidebars with strong separating lines. In Vineyard there is only one background color and no lines dividing the page into parts. If needed margins and empty space is used to separate blocks and content from each other (think Google vs Yahoo). To further "break" the feeling of a "rectangular" layout, the top edge of both sidebars and main area are set at different heights.

Vineyard was originally created as a Drupal 4.7 theme for www.openlife.cc. In 2009 the site was upgraded to Drupal 6, and as part of that the same look was recreated from scratch as a Drupal 6 theme, using the standard Bluemarine theme as starting point.

Some special tricks used in the theme:

Normal links (but not menu's and other Drupal generated links) are preceded by a small grape icon added from CSS. The grape can of course be substituted with some other icon.

Similarly there is a background image which is positioned relative to the browser window, ie it does not scroll with the page. The default image is a group of grapes and a leaf. Of course this image can also be easily changed.


ArrayShift Theme


This is a theme for ArrayShift

ArrayShift was built for the 2009 Do It With Drupal conference in 24 hours. It's based on (read, a shameless clone of) Stack Overflow.




LightlyTextured is a theme Designed and Developed by Thomas Lattimore. This theme provides a great design that implements a two column layout with lightly textured backgrounds and accents. It has been tested in Firefox 3.5+, Safari 4, Chrome 4, and Internet Explorer 7 & 8. A great deal of this themes real beauty relies heavily on CSS3 techniques including border-radius, text-shadow, and opacity.




A Zen sub theme for handbook sites.

The theme focuses on handling marked up content extremely well, helping you to rapidly create handbook sites that are pleasurable to read without having to design everything first.

Apart from proper styling for commonly used HTML elements, there's support for typical 'incorrect'/'correct' examples (as seen in the screenshot.)




Based on Pandion.IM, this theme is meant to display products or business information. It'll integrate nicely with the carousel & gallery modules.

ALARM: Not for production use...yet.

Built on Drupal & Love. Built for You.



Folio is a theme with all sorts of goodness such as big typography. Stay tuned for a dev release.

Folio is sponsored by Tribute Media


Clean Blockify

This is a Clean theme sub-theme for use with Blockify module.


You can chain your themes like so:

Clean <- Clean Blockify <- Custom Theme

All you need to do is set the following in your custom theme’s .info file:

base theme = clean_blockify



Screen shot 2011-04-05 at 1.21.25 PM.png

Theme based on Balsamiq wireframing tool.




This is a port of Site5 Xmas Theme developed for Wordpress. It is also an experiment using the Drupal Compass Plugin.

This theme should provide you the easiest CSS tweaking experience since bread came sliced, provided you give SASS 2 minutes tutorial a read. Please.



This project is not going to be continued as of now. I recommend using the Omega (http://www.drupal.org/project/omega) base theme.

A base theme based off of Boilerstrap (http://www.github.com/desmondmorris/boilerstrap). Boilerstrap is a project that brings together the HTML5 Boilerplate and the Twitter Bootstrap projects.

Blogon Responsive Theme

Blogon Responsive Theme

Blogon responsive theme is a professional drupal theme that is perfect for all sorts of corporate and small business websites.The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel. Professional responsive clean layout and light weight code make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.

View Blogon Responsive Theme Live Demo


VSC ArtistSpace

ArtistSpace Default Page

artist space starter theme by johnvsc. I got into this whole web design thing by making online galleries for me and my artist friends.


Green Worm

Clear and transparent template in green.

There are 6 different regions in this theme:
- Top menu (Primary links)
- Sidebar right
- Main content
- 3 Footer Bottom

Installation instructions:
The installation process is same as usual,
see http://drupal.org/node/456 for further information.


CivicSpace Theme

The CivicSpace theme is designed to help community organizers quickly develop a new style and layout for their site. The CivicSpace theme has a pre-built selection of layouts, and styles so you can quickly create your custom theme.

The CivicSpace theme is currently being ported to Drupal 6.x. It is not yet stable for use on production sites.


  • Layouts - pre-built layouts to let you start building your "skin" on top.
  • Skins - your skins go on top of your layouts and provide the overall look of things.
  • Context Sensitive Help - Navigation links in the administration theme allow you to directly go to a modules administration help page.
  • CSS float - Advanced use of CSS that avoids fixed table designs to allow you theme to re-size to the browser.


Holy Grail theme

Holy Grail Theme Logo

This theme is an implementation of the "Holy Grail" layout, as presented by Matthew Levine's 2006 article in A List Apart: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/holygrail

Levine wrote that he wanted a system which:

  • Had a fluid center with fixed width sidebars,
  • Allowed the center column to appear first in the source,
  • Allowed any column to be the tallest,
  • Required only a single extra div of markup, and
  • Required very simple CSS, with minimal fussing.

This is indeed an incredibly flexible theme and uses a little CSS to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Your 'main content' will appears first in the source code before the 'secondary content', regardless of how it appears on the page. "Sidebar-Content-Sidebar" layouts, "Content-Sidebar-Sidebar", "Sidebar-Sidebar_Content", are all super-easy to create and edit, using only CSS. You can also create fixed width themes adding a single line of CSS.

This theme is meant to target developers who have a decent grasp of CSS. My goal is to develop this theme as a lightweight base theme and allow fast and agile development of 'semantically nice' sub-themes.

This theme is used as the base theme of the OpenScholar project.

This theme was first developed by Crell, then by NancyDru and now by Shaun Wolf Wortis.


art4 green

art4 green

The art4 green is fluid 2 or 3 columns theme. It is modyfied version of art4 blue theme.



Screenshot of dev version

No more development planned.


CWS Theme

CWS Screenshot

CWS was designed to try and fill the requirement for an accessible Drupal theme.

Andre Griffin's "Framework" theme was chosen as the backbone, but a number of modifications have been made to satisfy WCAG requirements.

* CWS retains the fixed width layout with autoresizing center column if either left or right sidebars are disabled.
* All fonts are stated in relative sizes as opposed to fixed font sizes.
* Colour contrast of the elements pass automated testing.



Hydra theme is a 960 grid base theme and it use the 16 column grid.

It has 18 block region and maybe more added later.

Right now I'm just working on the layout.

Theme is in development -



A theme that aims to (eventually) implement typographical best practices, offers versatile columns (#474100: Take Advantage Of ns Function To Create More Sidebar Options) based on the 960 grid system. More information to follow. This theme will be finished by the end of the summer.


Object Oriented CSS Base Theme


1/24/2011: A while back voidfiles contacted me about taking over as maintainer for this project. He is now the active maintainer and all questions about this theme should be sent to him.


This theme is designed to be a base theme in the style of Zen. Its main goal is to re-write much of the Drupal core CSS to utilize the OOCSS framework that is being developed by Nicole Sullivan. If used correctly, designers and module developers can leverage the modularity of the framework to help reduce the size of their CSS files and to also strengthen the underlying structure of their HTML and CSS.

OOCSS can also act as a bridge for both front-end and back-end designers. Since OOCSS can be described using languages such as UML, there is some common ground that back-end and front-end teams can share.

The end result should be more well-designed, faster, and more flexible themes for Drupal.


Five Blog

A sub theme of Five for Blogs.



Port of Abundant (http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/abundant) theme to drupal 6.