Questionaire is a full fledged package that allows anyone to start capturing simple statistical data and display that in nice overviews and graphs.

After creating questions, and creating a rule using the associated nodes module, these questions will be dynamically linked to nodes in your system. Now users on your site can answer your questions for any node that matches the association. And overviews and graphs will appear on each of these nodes that have Answers.

In a real-life example, take a CD shop where you want to ask for every CD 'Did you know this artist before you came to our site?'.

But for CD's of the type 'Country' you also want to ask 'Do you wear boots?' and for 'Rock' CD's you want to ask 'Do you wear a leather jacket?'. (and for 'Celine Dion' CD's you want to ask 'WTF').

Well, with Questionaire you can do that. And for each CD you will see all answers given, and some nice overviews too.


This module is very young and absolute alpha. We have a lot of ideas about this module, and we started implementing the first ones. More will follow. This is our rough plan. If you need us to work on any of this, we are more than willing to change our priorities.

  • Make a stable release
  • Create a second content type: Questionaire, which holds a fixed list of questions, instead of the dynamic question assignment
  • Timeline charts
  • Aggregated views, for All Celine Dyon CD's etc.
  • Maps of the Aggregated views. (Where do all the CD lovers live that do not wear a leather jacket?)
  • SMS integration where users can submit Answers using the SMS Framework


The current code has the following dependencies.

Please read the README.TXT carefully after installing. You need to apply 1 small patch to Assiciated Nodes to get everything working out of the box.

Project Information