This module provides backup and restore functionality via using simple script files (PHP files containing just an array of restore operations). Additional scripts can be created or updated and simply placed with existing ones to become available without uninstalling/installing/updating modules.

Restore also provides a hook to allow modules to provide a restore script array.

More information can be seen in the documentation pages:


There are three core modules:

  • Restore (core)
    This is the core restore module providing the classes and API.
  • Restore (differences ui)
    This module provides a UI to display any differences between the values in the database compared to the values in the restore scripts.
  • Restore (generate ui)
    This provides a UI to generate new or update existing restore scripts.


The core modules require ctools, modules providing additional operations have their own dependencies.

Other modules

The difference between restore and other modules like Features is that restore uses simple script files which contain the data, and operations do the work, also you can restore/remove specific parts of a script at anytime rather than the whole lot just at installation/uninstallation.


Two examples are provided within the module which show how to use the two methods of using restore scripts. The first being the restore script files, and the second is by using the restore scripts hook.

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