This is a combined guestbook and shoutbox module. It is multiuser aware, it is meant to be blogcentric, so each blog owner can have thier own shoutbook.

It provides a shoutbox block that is user specific when activated for a blog page. On non blog pages the block is user inspecific, containing all entries not destined for any user, and suitable in a sitewide context.

The guestbook functionality is similar giving each user a guestbook at /shoutbook/$uid. The /shoutbook/ path without uid returns a user inspecific guestbook - suitable in a sitewide context. Shout entries and guestbook entries are the same. A more link on the shoutbox block links to the guestbook for that user.


/shoutbook/3 will show all entries that were input by guests either on user 3's blog page, or user 3's guestbook
/shoutbook/ shows all entries not destined for a specific user
a shoutbox block shown on /blog/3 will show user 3's shout entries. Shouts input from this block will be destined for user 3

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  • Last modified: November 10, 2006