The Ubercart / Civicrm Profile Pane module allows an administrator to
choose any number of civicrm profiles to be displayed during ubercart
check-out as a check-out pane.

You are a university selling online courses to high school teachers. You would like to be able to track which school district(s) employ(s) the largest percentage of teachers who have bought your courses.

To accomplish this, you would first create a set of custom fields - School Name, School District, etc - in civicrm. Then roll those fields into a civicrm profile. With the Ubercart / Civicrm Profile Pane module enabled and configured, a form containing these custom profile fields will be displayed on the ubercart check-out page as a check-out pane. A customer's civicrm record is updated with the information they enter on this form when they submit their order.

Note - Limitations
In the current implementation of the uc_civicrm_profile_pane module, the existence of non-custom fields in a civicrm profile DISQUALIFIES that profile for inclusion via uc_civicrm_profile_panes into an ubercart check-out pane. If any such non-custom field is present in a profile, that profile will not be shown with an option to include at 'admin/settings/profile_pane'.

Another limitation is that, as of now, only support for custom fields of html_type 'text' and 'radio' is built in. I hope to add support for all other html_types AND for non-custom (ie - out-of-the-box) fields in the near future, ALSO feel free to submit a patch.

As the name implies, Ubercart / Civicrm Profile Pane module requires both Ubercart & Civicrm

This module was originally developed by axlroach and is partially supported by CivicActions

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