webalizer is a simple and basic module for display a block of the statistics generated by webalizer. parsing the file webalizer.hist that contains information about the visits.

Using cron, it read the statistics from webalizer and update the webalizer block.

For more information about webalizer: http://www.webalizer.org/


  • Setting the URL of webalizer statistcs show a block with statistics information.
  • Autenticacion Username/Password allowed for connect to webalizer.
  • Show visits of last 12 month and visits of last month
  • Updates using cron.pnp

New in Release 1.0:

  • Bug: webalizer block was not showing the last month, it was showing January visits.
  • Setting menu improvements.
  • Tags for select display content in text block. for display the last 12 month and for display the last month

The webalizer values settings at the configuration section are:

- username:
In some cases, it's necessary to username for access to webalizer statistics.
- password:
In some cases, it's necessary to username for access to webalizer statistics.
- file history webalizer:
Normaly is "webalizer.hist", is the file that this module parse for obtain all the data.

- url: URL that contain "webalizer.hist" file, sample: www.site.com/webalizer

- text webalizer: text for show at block: sample:

<small><a href="http://www.site.com/webalizer/index.html"><last_month_visits>/<year_visits></a> </small></center>

Where <last_month_visits> tag shows de visits of last month, and <year_visits> tag show visits of the last year.

If you want to parse statistics of webalizer when crons run, check the "update with cron" option

In developpement: Translations

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