A screenshot showing the module displaying all available emoji.
Experimental Project

This is a sandbox project, which contains experimental code for developer use only.

A plugin to the Smiley module which adds the Emoji from Github.


This module aims to make Github's Emoji smileys available in Drupal through the Smiley module.


  • Auto-detects the smileys published in Github's gemoji library, and tells the smiley module where to find them.
  • Uses the Emoji codes documented on the Emoji cheat sheet.


Known Problems

I don't know of any problems at this time, so if you find one, please let me know by adding an issue!

Version History

The 1.x branch provides the Smiley module with the Emoji available in the gemoji library.

Future Plans

Since this module auto-detects the smileys in the library it integrates with, it might already do everything it needs to! However, if there are changes to the gemoji library that stop it from working, I'll make the necessary changes.

Once the Smiley module is available for Drupal 8, I'll port this module.

Similar Projects

I'm not aware of any modules similar to this one.


Concept by mparker17 and RobLoach. Special thanks to fizk for allowing me to help make the Smiley module better.

Thanks to the Japanese Telecoms for inventing Emojis, the Unicode Consortium for including Emojis in the Unicode standard, Apple for creating a widely-available, widely-distributed Emoji font, and Github for their gemoji library.

Project Information