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Installing Drupal
Installing Modules and Themes

Drupal OpenPublish 7.x 1.0 beta2

OpenPublish installation "Install profile" executed, then an error message:

Moving Drupal from one URL to another

Dear all,

This may sound stupid but it's driving me mad!

Normally when you want to move a Drupal site from one server to another server the method is quite easy.

I always have the Backup&Maigrate module installed so I backup the database leaving out the cache, sessions, and watchdog data but taking their file structures

Then I copy the ENTIRE tree structure from the root downwards to its new location.

Finally I import into an EMPTY database the previously backed up database.

Requirements problem when installing Drupal

I am still having Requirements problems when doing the initial installation.
I have created the setting.php file and allowed all permissions as seen in installation documentation.

Is there someone that can help me set this up. Please let me know if you need my FTP deatil etc..

Very new to Drupal so any help would be appreciated.

Issues with multi-site setup on IIS

I have followed the following doc for my mulit-site install on IIS/Windows 2008 server: https://drupal.org/node/554336

When I attempt to perform the last step (Run the setup script for each site), I am getting a 404 error for the install.php.

My parent site is installed with no issue.

When I attempt to run my child site setup with: http://drupaldev1.jis.org/install.php I recieve a 404?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


No permission to access sites/all/themes folder

I had the website working but when i changed the private file system path and the temporary directory and cleared cash i lost permission to themes folder, it is not picking up my theme. i even restored previous database still the problem persisted, all the files on my server have the right permissions, i wonder what the problem would be.

URL: http://iamsleep.

Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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