Converting an LDAP user back to a Drupal user.


I have a website running Drupal 6 on Ubuntu 10.04. I am using LDAP Integration (version 6.x-1.0-beta3+17-dev) to integrate with my company's Active Directory. Some of our users will be synced, but we have external users as well (vendors, independent reps, etc) that do not exist in our AD, so we use Mixed Mode.

We can handle the case where a user already exists in the Drupal site but doesn't exist in AD using LDAP Sync.

Transferring blog posts from Drupal to Weebly

I'm creating a new website using Weebly, but wish to transfer blog posts from my Drupal site to the Weebly site. I think my Drupal Version is 6.28.

Is this possible? If so, can someone let me know how? Thank you!

Upgrade problem - can't reach site after upgrade


I'd like to ask your help, to find a solution to 'get back' my site, after upgrading from 6.29 to 6.30.
I did every step as usual, put the site off-line, etc...but after upgrading the system (uploading new file directories) I wasn't able to reach my site again, and got this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_xss_bad_protocol() in /home/content/Z/o/l/Zol12345/html/en/includes/ on line 1090

...I tried to do the next step, "update.php"...but from here I wasn't able to move further.

Youtube Video Gallery

Hello Everyone,

I am using drupal 6.30.I want to implement youtube video gallery like this page:

Currently I have created view which shows youtube video playing in lighbox.But I do not want this.I want to implement it as described in above link.When click on video,that video will be displayed as above.

Installing Libraries API does not work on Drupal 6.30

I am using Drupal 6.30 and have happily installed UC stripe and it requested that; I must install the Libraries module. I have installed the libraries module as indicated by the developer as but the module still does not work or recognizes that the libraries module has been installed. I am wondering why the installation of libraries module is still not being recognized by Drupal 6.x. I Cannot enable the stripe module as it is still saying, "Libraries Missing" but while it's been installed.

Blocking certain words in content

Hi I can't find any module which can block publishing a comment or forum topic if it contains certain word. I have spammer who constantly adds the same link, and I'd like to block publisking this word at all.
Hel will be appreciated


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