PHP Nuke to Drupal

Currently running sites in PHP Nuke. Playing around with Drupal 6 beta and am impressed. Looks like a great option moving forward. However, after being hacked in Nuke awhile back, I've become very dependent on Nuke Sentinel for security. Being able to easily monitor access, block harvesters, and block entire country ranges has been invaluable to me. I've gone from a plethora of nonsense hits from other countries to practically none. Is there any equivalent functionality or module to Sentinel for Drupal?

Weight Values

The edit-weight field in books has values from -15 to +15. I would like to change this field (in sourcecode named edit-weight) from 1 to 5. How can i do this?

Thanks for help!

Users Can't delete images

Well I am getting close to what I want. I was able to get the user galleries to work using acidfree
along with image and image gallery. However, I don't see any way for users to delete their own images after they upload them. You can edit the galleries themselves but can't delete the images...

Help anyone? :)

Joomla! has Menu Images...

Joomla has menu images as an option when creating a new menu item. It would be great if Drupal had this built in as well. Many sites use images as menu items, as well as images (icons) along side of text for the menu items. There are also JavaScript effects many use such as mouseover and highlight of text as the mouse pointer goes over the menu items.

Custom triggers in Drupal 6

where can i find documentation to make custom triggers?

Is it possible to paginate a themed table?

Is it possible to paginate a themed table? for example :

say I have my php as:


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