This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Migrate Select

Module providing new Select for migration action for Rules and for Views Bulk Operations to mark selected entities as needing update for relevant migrations.


Rules Cron

This module adds an extra condition to Rules for checking the time in seconds that the cron has been run.


Gender Avatar

This is a module to help simplify the ability for creating a gender based avatar. It's purpose is to allow some flexibility but still hold your hand if you do not have the skills to code or build rules. While this option is very flexible it is based on the 3 option gender belief of Male, Female, and Unspecified. While the default options may become variable via the capabilities of this module, it intends to satisfy the needs of the majority of users.

Simple Message Service

簡訊服務 Simple Message Service(SMS)


  1. Every8D
  2. 三竹簡訊


  1. 整合 Rules 事件提供郵件以外的訊息傳送
  2. 紀錄傳送結果
  3. 提供 Ubercart 訂單簡訊通知功能
  4. 提供郵件替代簡訊測試功能

Coupon Combine Condition

Inline Condition Example

Control if a Commerce Coupon is combinable with other discounts. This module adds a new condition to the Commerce Discount inline conditions to specify what discounts are not a applicable.

Installation / Usage

  • Download and enable as you would any other module.
  • When adding a new or altering an existing Commerce Discount, select Coupon combine condition from the available discount conditions.
    Note: The condition is available for Order and/or Product discounts.


Commerce Discount Fields

Allows the creation of commerce product discounts based on a custom field.


Commerce Discount Fields is a sub module of Commerce that allows the creation of commerce product discounts based on a custom field.



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