Hosting Probes

This module fetches information from sites for use in (Aegir) hosting modules.

Bounce Convert

An example Bounce Convert modal popup


Bounce Convert allows you to run "exit-intent" campaigns to show modal webforms to visitors who are leaving your website (determined by mouse cursor position and velocity). This allows you to get an extra pageview from visitors that would otherwise have been lost, and provides an opportunity to make offers, collect email addresses, poll visitors, or ask them why they are leaving. One common technique is to provide a special offer which requires the user to sign up for your newsletter, thereby "capturing" the visitor as they are leaving, instead of losing them.


BrightTag embed

Module that allows a user to define a BrightTag site ID and include the BrightTag javascript in the "bottom" region of your web site.

Webform views bulk operations

Provides support for views bulk operations in webform submission views

Enable module
Create view of webform submisisons
Add the 'Bulk operations: Webform' field
Select the 'Delete Webform submission' opertion
Still in the field settings, under operation settings, select a field to display on the confirmation page.

Visitors Voice

This module will provide integration with the great Visitors Voice service which helps analyze users' interaction with a site's search.



Idea : This module will address the performance needs of the Drupal site by analyzing various performance aspects of the site and provide the detailed performance report.

Tool will have following features


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