Backlink Handler

This module saves referrer, IP and domain, and initial page the user arrived on from a users initial connection inside the users profile.



eTracker, a bit like Google Analytics, reports web traffic to a webmaster and other authorized users. A big plus of eTracker is that the reporting is happening in real time and that even without installing anything other than some small code into the websites themselves.

Thanks to Drupal's modular approach it is quite simple to integrate eTracker dynamically into web pages and modify the parameters on the fly. Give it a try and let us know when you sign-up for an eTracker account, it's recognized as a donation to this project.


MySQL Report

One of the standard tools used by DBAs for tuning MySQL databases is mysqlreport, a cool script written in Perl. Unfortunately I've got a number of clients that either can't or don't want to keep Perl around and up to date so I've ported mysqlreport into a Drupal module since all my clients have PHP.

At the moment all this does is to simply display the MySQL report, I'll eventually get around to hooking up help and other features as I need them (or other folks want them).


Cron diagnostics

Note: As of 2010/01/26, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you are interested in taking this module over, or you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #672596: Is Cron Diagnostics maintained?.

Check if cron really runs at specified time. Provides information on Status report page.


Comscore digital analytix

Comscore Digital Analytix is a powerful, results-focused web analytics platform that helps analysts and business leaders understand and drive business outcomes by combining the best of web analytics and audience measurement. We deliver a solution that is flexible enough to grow with your business and agile enough to meet your evolving needs. Our Atomix™ technology stores data in its raw form, which enables fast, flexible analysis and delivery of results in real time.

The reason this project is named "Nedstat" instead of "Comscore", is because it was previously named "Nedstat".



This project will be work on a new Analytics module to possibly replace Drupal core's Statistics module. It will provide simple built-in JavaScript tracking and tracking inclusion/exclusion by page, user roles, and specific users. It will also be pluggible so you can use the same tracking settings across alternative analytics services/sub-modules like Google Analytics.

Supported Analytics Services



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