Customize "Welcome [username]" block

Hi all,

Couple of questions. I'm trying to modify the header of a logged in user to say "Welcome, First Last!" - but I cannot find the correct syntax to pull the names from the database.

Also, which file/block is this header located in?

Thank you!

Looking for Drupal expert for help


Extend Popup Message

Popup Message does exactly what I need, except for one thing: I'd like to display more than one popup (one on front page and one on another page). Is there a way to do that?


Taxonomy Access Control. Administrator receiving 'Access Denied'?

Hi All

I've installed TAC but cannot access it even though I have the administrator role.

When I navigate to: admin/config/people/taxonomy_access and click on any of the links to: 'edit access rules' or 'enable access control' I received the message: 'You are not authorized to access this page'.

I've check the permissions under admin/people/permissions and admin/people/permissions/roles to confirm that Administrator has all permissions.

Adding a new content type with Drupal


I am exploring instead of adding a new Content type programmatically, is through Drupal directly.

I added a new content types Structure/Content types/Add content type.

I can easily add news fields such as List and Text.

I want my list to be listed dynamically.
And I want ajax futures to populate to Text area when the user has selected something in the List.

If you have an idea, It will help.


How do I preselect taxonomy check boxes in node forms based off the same taxonomy term chosen in the user profile?


Let's say I have (this is an example) a field on the user's account profile that asks "how are you feeling." From a taxonomy vocabulary set they have the two options of 'Happy' or 'Sad'.

When they go to post a node, I would like to have this same field "how are you feeling" with the same taxonomy vocabulary for options. (Happy, Sad).

How do I pull the entry from their user profile and select it as a default in the node? This is so users can choose defaults overall, but can change them if needed on a per node basis.


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