[HELP]advanced image question in views

Hello guys, I have a big q... well, I have a view with a field that shows images in a pop-up colorbox, I would like to make some sort of deafult "icon" button to link to each image...

the best way I could describe my problem is that I have lots of different images and I want to make one default image which looks the same for each object in my view and when i'll click on that icon a colorbox will pop-up and will show the original image.

currently each image appears by it's own and when I click on that image the colorbox pops out and shows the original image.

Template mods +

Hello all

I recently purchased template 47506 for D7 from template-help.com

I now require the following work done.

1. Move the "Company Name" so that it is beside the logo and fits proximately 80% of the available width. Change the text color to blue.

2. Move the "Slogan" so that it is beside the logo but underneath the "Company Name" and fits approximately 50 the size of the "Company Name". Change the text color to blue.

Help in code PHP

Hello, I'm using a PHP form to allow users to schedule meeting rooms. Turns out the date chosen by the user will not appear on the calendar as an event in which I use the Event Calendar module could help me? Only appears in the calendar the date that was requested. Must be marked the event date. Below is the PHP code.

function meuformulario_menu() {

Upgrading D6 -> D7: PDOException: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '86' for key 1: INSERT I


I need help.
I'm upgrading my site from D5 to D7.
Upgrade from D5 to D6 was ok.
Upgrading from D6 to D7 I lost all attouched files in my news.

Before to run update script I can read:

Theme Development - Small Project

I have been using Drupal for a while now and started to style a theme using the Zen Starter Kit however I am stuck at some design issues. If someone could give me feedback and what approach I should take it would be highly appreciated.

One which is off-topic is the Nivo Slider. How do I make it display thumbnails underneath? At the moment I have only got it to display the banner images, I am unsure how to approach this.

Is there any module available for users to switch their role after they log in?

What i need is to provide a link in top menu named as login as .When a user log in to his website and clicks on the link he will get a list of roles he is assigned in,if a selects a role based on role he has selected then the access for all the pages will change.

Is there any module available for users to switch their role after they log in?
If not then please suggest me how i can achieve this?



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