New pages


I've created this from a previous thread to reduce code thanks.

This is a problem I've been having, creating a new page. I wasn't sure if to create a new article from the content type or create normal page, then assign the different blocks to those pages via the GUI.

[Jaypan] I'll do something like this to create a page:

Drupal 7.x Locked(?) Redirect Module?

Hey folks,

I've been meaning to get an account here but I'm more of a sit-in-the-shadows-and-learn-from-the-pros kind of guy so it took until now to get me board ;)

I'm helping a small startup get a Drupal site up and one of the feature requests is to have the site "remember" location information. E.g.:

Undefined index....

Out of the blue I got this message at the top of the configuration screen:

Notice: Undefined index: token type in flag_token_info() (line 88 of /home/n7bloc5/public_html/sites/all/modules/flag/

Anybody knows what is means exactly and how I can solve this..? Thanks!

Changing comment moderation message

Hello, I am unable to change the moderation message for the comments on our site. I did a text search and found the current message in the module's folder, but nothing changed when I edited it. Any hints?

custom module - block is not displayd


I'm new to Drupal. I need to develop a custom module that will display content in one page of the application.
I had created the custom module, created a block in the new module, created a zone and added the block in it but the content is empty.

Jail user to specific content

I'd like to be able to restrict a user to specific content. Ideally, I'd like to create a view and restrict a user to that view only. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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