?q=user doesn't work on pristine site

I've installed 7.9.
No changes, no themes, no content added, nothing.
The admin user was set to admin.

In this pristine setting, http://localhost/?q=admin does not give me a login page, but rather "Access denied You are not authorized to access this page".
If I try some other name like ?q=foo I get The requested page "/?q=foo" could not be found.

Have I misread the documentation at http://drupal.org/node/13777


Integrationg SAP with Drupal

I like to let you inform that I am a senior PHP based Web Application Developer. One of my client needs to integrate SAP with Drupal.

The project needs enabling you to receive orders from website automatically, which can then be processed. Customer statements and invoices can be integrated, allowing the site's
customers to view their balance and pay bills online. All the inventory data needed, including prices, weights and volumes, etc has to be integrated as well. The web site would be built on Drupal.

eMail Server

Just installed DRUPAL 7.9 to learn about CMS... and it never asked me how to connect to an eMail server, so how is it going to be able to send eMails ? I can't find anything in the install dox or in the admin pages. Is there something I'm not understanding about how eMail works ? It is running on Ubuntu 11.10, Apache2, MySQL, PHP5, etc on my home network. Incidentally, is there a quick way to test out the eMail connection ?

Using Holding page module

How does the Holding page module work, where should I specify the holding page file and such? I have installed and enabled the module.


The problem seems to be that the holding page settings do not show up on admin/configuration.


I need to make website with users blogs, where each entry is a photo with drescription, comments and ratings. Is there any module I can achive with? Or drupal core blog module is enough to do it?

Creating user with Rules -> how to set password ?

Hi everybody,

I try to create a new user when saving a new node. But I can't set the user's password.

Here is how I try to process it:
1- user data are typed in a node
2- Rules: after saving the nodes (event), Rules creates a new entity: user (action)

I tried to add another Rules action: "Set a data value". But there is no "password" token.

Any ID about how to set the password ?
I have very little programming skills, so I prefer to user the Rules interface rather than code.


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