Flood Semaphore

This module provides an API that implements semaphores using flood API.

A semaphore is more than a lock. A lock is usually used in a binary
situation, it is either locked or it is not. A semaphore is used to
control the number of concurrent things that can happen.


Audit Report

Audit site Drupal insights

Drupal Quality Analysis

The module aim to give you a clear, centralize way to audit your Drupal site.
The analyze give you a good overview of the state of art of your site.
If you want to improve the overall quality of your project this module is for you.

Exhaustive checks

The module has 28 checks distributed on theses 6 criterial :

Views Ajax Get

This module will make your Views using Ajax, use GET instead of POST.

Because GET is much better for caching. If you're using something like Varnish, or Boost, these (by default) will not store POST requests (and so they shouldn't).

Authcache FS Cache Backend

A filesystem based authcache backend. Set it up using a configuration similar to the following one (settings.php).

In order to configure the backend, install and enable it into your modules directory. Then add the htaccess rules shipping with this module to your .htaccess file in between the rewrite-base directive and the actual query rewriting rules.

This module requires a *nix based server with working symlink support. Windows is untested.

Clear Varnish page cache

This module creates a button called "Clear Varnish page cache" in the shortcut-set-1 toolbar.

When clicking the button, Varnish will receive the command to purge the cache for the page that the user is viewing at that time.

Why was this module created ?

In high traffic sites, it gets really expensive to do a "drush cc all" call every time a content editor wants to update an article, block, etc. Therefor, this little module comes to the rescue.



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