Baseline Performance

Baseline provides an extensible set of tests to get performance metrics comparable across different systems or configurations.

These metrics can be used as a baseline for comparatives, the goal is to get the closests results for a given test when external factors have not varied (system, load, configuration, database, etc).


Performance benchmarking can be tricky (all the more in Drupal), and repeatability is the weak link of most benchmarks you find on the internet.


Proxy cache

Everyone knows that the performance of a Drupal site often relies on a properly configured and efficient cache. Regardless of the actual cache backend that is used on a site, however, there are often certain cache operations that should be avoided or, at the very least, tracked in order to find potential issues. This module attempts to find potential issues and allow site administrators to resolve issues quickly.

ESI include fallback

Super simple module that parses any esi:include tags it finds on a finished page in the browser. This module does not insert any esi-tags, it only GETs the contents and inserts it into the document.


What is Xache
Xache, pronounced as Zash, is the missing piece in the Drupal-Varnish puzzle.


Stress Testing Tool

Stress Test Tool


A suite of tools that allows a Drupal site to be stress tested by clearing caches and publishing/unpublishing of nodes. It is most suitable in conjunction with a load testing tool such as jmeter to test access to the site while nodes are periodically cache busted or un/republished.


- Requires drush.
- The site is being stress-tested, and publish status may be altered. It is imperative to back up the drupal database before running tests.


A light module to log XHProf runs to the database for easy management.

This module logs the path and time for a generated run. Runs can also be compared so you can quickly find why one instance of a page loaded slower than another.

- View runs through the Drupal UI
- View extra information such as path and runtime
- Compare two runs easily


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