Node Cache

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Locale Cache

Locale Cache module provides more efficient and flexible locale data (translations) caching. Based on code from the core D6 locale module.
You will probably get most benefits of this module only using a fast cache backend like APC, Memcache, Redis, MongoDB, etc.
Requires small patch to core to make it use our function instead of locale().


Akamai ESI

General Information

This module is for D6 and manages any blocks or views specified on the module's admin page to be displayed through Akamai's caching servers. When a block/view is rewritten the output in a page is replaced with an Akamai ESI tag similar to:

<esi:include src="/url/to/frag/goes/here" ttl="0s" onerror="continue" />

Then the Akamai ESI proxy will request the block/view "fragment" from the 'src' parameter in the markup tag above. The retrieved fragment is only the content for that block/view without any surrounding page markup since the Akamai servers will render it as part of the original page.

The blocks/views are rendered by using GET args for module, block delta and view args. A cookie is placed on login and reset on logout which is used by this module to set different TTL's for content for anonymous vs. authenticated users. These TTL's are defined on the admin settings page for this module at admin/settings/akamai_esi.

The Akamai CCAPI is used to manage cache clearing. The Akamai account username and password need to be set at admin/settings/akamai_esi/api.


This module requires the 'soap client' module to communication with Akamai's Cache Control API (CCAPI).

Usage & Testing

Entity cache flusher

Add on for the Entity cache module which caches entities in cache tables for faster retrieval. Entity cache implements hooks to flush them when needed, however, not all use cases are supported. This module tries to fill that gap for both core and contrib, keeping the original module as clean as possible.


Faster Variables

With a trick we are able to add a write-through cache to variable_get/variable_set by replacing $conf with an ArrayObject.

This means only necessary variables are prefetched from the variables table.

Please only use this module with memcache or APC as cache backend as everything else will severely degrade performance.

Currently the module utilizes the 'cache' cache_bin.

Have fun and enjoy less memory intensive and faster pages.

See also here for more information:


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