Elasticsearch Connector

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Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal.
It is using the official Elasticsearch PHP library. You can also view the github repo.


Responsive Lazy Loader

A lazy loader who gives the ability to load the best image style according to your HTML structure & mediaqueries.
This allows you to never upscale images in order to improve the loading time.
So you can use retina assets on retina devices, normal ones on desktop and small ones on phones.

The module is pre-setup with basic settings.

Features :


Minify is designed to improve the website performance.

This module provides the mechanism to render the page using minified version of HTML and JavaScript files.
Minified HTML is generated using regular expression, and JavaScript files are generated using GOOGLE Closure Compiler webservice. Minify also works perfectly with Boost module.

How Minify help

Minify removes the comments and whitespace which will help to reduce the file size. Smaller HTML and file size reduces the page load time and improve the website performance.


Boost Mobile


Basically the Boost Mobile module adds mobile support to the Boost module.

The Boost module provides static page caching for Drupal. It is designed to serve cached pages per domain.
So what if you want two versions of your website (let's say a desktop and mobile version) on the same domain name but still cached with boost ?

JS Example

This is an example module that highlights the difference between a full Drupal bootstrap and a lightweight Drupal bootstrap. This is not intended to be used on production on any sites, as it is purely a demonstration.

Secure Cookie Data


Secure Cookie Data is a module that implements the Secure Cookie Protocol. This protocol garantuees that cookies cannot be tampered.

Tamper resistance is achieved through the use of an HMAC that validates the data stored in the cookie each time the data is retrieved. If the validation fails an empty object is returned.

Design goals

The goals we aim for are three:



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