Views Field Join Node Revision

This module adds a condition on the node-id as well as the revision-id when joining the node_revision table with the field_* tables. This can make MySQL utilize the compound primary key better.

It might be better to actually make a patch for the Views module instead, but at this point I'm not sure about all the implications that adding the join handler will cause.

Independent Cache (with delayed removal)

What is?
A delayed to clear cache.
An implementation of a cache to be used selectively on Views and Blocks so that they don't get cleared when a Drupal Clear cache is issued or other triggers that would other wise immediate clear the cache and cause a regeneration of the data/content.
The concept behind this cache is that by choosing which views and/or blocks are too heavy to generate (causing the server performance to go down on high traffic sites), allowing them to be generated some time after and not at the same time, doing a redistribution of the work during time.

At some events the cache is cleared and therefore all data needs to be generated and processed again, if this happens for some heavy processes on a high traffic site you may end up running several heavy process at the same time plus all the small process and you may bring the server down temporary, similar to what happens with a DOS attack.
If we can delay the most heavy parts to be processed after all other caches are ready and meanwhile we use "old" caches for those parts until we get those processed again it would allow to redistribute the processing during time and not all at the same time.



OSF for Drupal

OSF for Drupal

The Open Semantic Framework (OSF) for Drupal is a middleware layer that allows structured data (RDF) and associated vocabularies (ontologies) to "drive" tailored tools and data displays within Drupal. The basic OSF for Drupal modules provide two types of capabilities. First, there are a series of connector modules such as OSF Entities, OSF SearchAPI, OSF Field Storage and OSF Views to integrate an OSF instance into Drupal's core APIs. Second, there is a series of module tools used to administer all of these capabilities.

By using OSF for Drupal, you may create, read, update and delete any kind of content in a OSF instance. You may also search, browse, import and export structured datasets from an OSF instance.

OSF for Drupal connects to the underlying structured (RDF) data via the separately available OSF Web services. OSF Web Services is a mostly RESTful Web services layer that also allows multiple Drupal installations to share and collaborate structured data with one another via user access rights and privileges to registered datasets. Collaboration networks may be established directly to distributed OSF Web Services servers, also allowing non-Drupal installations to participate in the network.


Client Cache


Client cache is a Drupal caching backend that uses user agent or client as cache bin.



Optime is an efficient Drupal Module which will make your site load faster by setting different HTTP Headers. Help you add browser, page, object and database caching as well as minify and content delivery network (CDN). (This module works best for anonymous user site only).
Note : Don't Enable Cache control header via this module on a protected content page.

Drupal WinCache

A sandbox project clone of with the goal of inclusion as a full project.


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