TOC Node

Provides a Table Of Contents for a node, which includes all the content of a node.

The TOC will display automatically above content, and is also available as a block, so can be placed anywhere on a page.


Set defaults on a content type, each node will also have individual settings.

The TOC will appear at the top of the Content region automatically.

If you add the TOC block to the page the automatic TOC will not display.


Menu Valid Target

Menu Valid Target allows users of your site to open menu links in a new tab or
window. This is done by only using Javascript without the deprecated target
attribute in order to be XHTML compliant. Menus can be configured to allow for
this setting on their menu links.

Links in such menus provide an option to open them in a new window. This is also
available when editing a node under the "Menu settings" tab.


Menu Entity

This project is a fork of the existing Entity Menu Links module in an effort to provide a sandbox for temporary modifications. Eventually, I hope to completely rewrite the entity menu links module so that it more fully uses the entity API.

Fake Menu Items

Provide menu links for non-Drupal services in Drupal root (forums, blogs, etc)

Multi-level push menu

This is a module that implements the Multilevel push menu by for drupal.

User Navigation

This is a module that creates a simple navigation menu for all the users. It creates a new menu called "User Navigation Menu" where in the admin can add or remove the links to be shown.

simple module, easy to use & very handy


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