Ouputting rejected source data

A Migration can skip a source row by returning FALSE in prepareRow().

The following is a technique (untested) for outputting skipped source data rows, so that they can be reviewed by a human, and cleaned up or processed in some way:

Developer documentation

Here follows a series of pages relating to devvy notes about how parts of harmony_core works.

Debugging a Solr search

Sometimes when using this module, you might come across a search that doesn't return the expected result (or facet, highlighting, etc.). When you've looked at the other sections in this handbook (especially Special server features and pitfalls) and not found anything, looking at the Solr request directly to see where the problem is might be the best next step. (It is also often a great help when you create support requests in the issue queue.) This is usually (depending on your server setup) not particularly complicated.

Comparison of the alternatives

People have asked about what makes Harmony and harmony_core different to other offerings, here are some things!

Core Forum module

Link to Documentation

Upgrade to Feed Import 3

Steps to upgrade from 2 to 3

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Process plugin: skip_row_on_empty

This plugin checks to see if the current pipeline value is empty (for example the empty string, FALSE, or 0). If so, the further processing of the entire row is skipped and will not be migrated. Useful when combined with a migration process plugin to check if a related item was previously migrated.

Example of usage:


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