Installing Events

Events is as easy (or hard) to install as any other Drupal distribution, there is nothing special or expected besides what regular Drupal installation requires.


Events is a distribution aimed to help in organizing various conferences, camps, clubs and events in general (hence the name, Events!). It could be used for various Drupal events like Cons and BarCamps but is not limited to Drupal or IT events, you may use it wherever you may find it usable.

Mobile Navigation 7.x-1.x documentation

v1 logoMobile Navigation helps us easily implement a nice solution for displaying menus on the mobile version of a responsive website.
I have found many ways of doing this out there, but they are not precisely the best solution regarding performance or they need the work of implementing a third party JQuery plugin or having to learn javascript and programming the whole thing.

Creating a panel with tabbed content

I searched everywhere to re-find the original advice I received for creating a panel with tabs along the top to give access to a series of views. I was not successful so decided to create this page to help others unable to do this.
There are other modules that do this
Panel Tabs
But I only found out about these afterwards

How to use message_subscribe with organic groups

This is meant to be a reasonable tutorial for using message_subscribe with organic groups as the module exists as of (2014-02-25), but you should be able to extrapolate to make this work in other contexts. Since I found this module relatively complicated to set up and configure, I hope this helps someone have an easier time of it. As the module develops further, this documentation should be updated.


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