Can Views Data Export support format XYZ please?

Check the list of supported formats here:

If the format you want isn't on that list, then the core Views Data Export package will not be extended to support the format you want, sorry.

Does Views Data Export support format XYZ?


The 'core' Views Data Export module currently supports the following formats:

  • CSV
  • Microsoft XLS
  • Microsoft DOC
  • Basic TXT
  • XML.

And there are extension modules that have been contributed that provide:

Custom Query: delete submission from given date

I am currently using webform to store feedback for different courses that were few weeks apart. Each course has its feedback analyzed straight after.

I sadly forgot to remove the old dataset and users started feeding back. I used the below query to remove the old and leave current data intact:

I needed to remove all data submitted before feb 19th 2014, so I used the below query to look up the number of submissions.

Search API Autocomplete

Information for developers

Adding autocomplete to custom search forms

Adding autocomplete functionality to your own custom search form is fairly simple. These are the basic steps:

Installation with drush

Kalatheme now ships with Drush commands that mimic the subtheme generator GUI. Here are some basic commands to help you get started:

Basic commands and options

Creating custom Drupal.ajax object 'on the fly' and attach it to any element on the page (div, td)

From Drupal documentation we know how to add 'AJAX' for links and form element, from PHP with '#ajax' element attribute, but this technics propose to create AJAX object on client side.
To create new Drupal.ajax object we need to do the following:


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